John Gruden Sighting at UT vs SC Game Sparks Coaching Rumors Again!

John Gruden Tennessee Football

The John Gruden University of Tennessee rumors continue and according to reports, the former NFL coach was at Saturday’s UT vs South Carolina game.

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Gruden’s appearance has created an internet buzz  leaving many wondering if his attendance at the game meant that he might be considering a head coaching position for the Volunteers.

Before you go jumping to conclusions… Here’s a few things that should be taken into consideration

  • It’s not the first time John Gruden has attended a UT game!
  • Gruden was a graduate assistant at UT in the mid-1980s,
  • He has been the subject of speculation about a return to coaching since he left the profession after the 2008 season. Jon Gruden Talks About Getting Fired

  • His son Jon “Deuce” Gruden II, 23, a competitive power lifter attends the University.
  • His wife Cindy was a cheerleader at the University.
  • He will be in Nashville commentating the Tennessee Titans’ game against the Indianapolis Colts on Monday Night Football in a couple days.

Last but not least… Tennessee hasn’t fired head coach Butch Jones….YET!

Gruden talks Volunteers

Gruden, an ESPN analyst who coached the Oakland Raiders and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, at once told ESPN’s “The Paul Finebaum Show” that while the Volunteers would be a fine place for him to renew a coaching career, the program also made the right hire in third-year coach Butch Jones.

“I don’t know how close,” Gruden said Thursday when asked if he was close to accepting the UT job when it opened after the 2012 season. “I love football. I’ll be the first to tell you, I miss coaching. But I do look at my job here as a lot like coaching. I get a chance to be around it 364 days a year and I feel like I’m improving, but I don’t have a team. Tennessee is a dream job for a lot of people, me included. Timing wasn’t right. I’ll say this about the Volunteers, they got the right guy. I think Butch Jones is going to put the Volunteers back on the map. It might happen this year.”

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