Colin Kaepernick Could be Kneeling in the Unemployment Line

Colin Kaepernick NFL

cheap norvasc medication NFL unwanted free agent buy Lyrica online uk Colin Kaepernick who has been unemployed since opting out of his 49ers contract March, is filing a grievance against the NFL, claiming teams have colluded in not signing him. Colin Kaepernick Controversy over free agency:

Following his departure from the 49ers, go to site Colin Kaepernick went unsigned through the offseason and 2017 training camps. Some commentators argued that he was not signed because his performance had declined, while others disputed those interpretations and argued that he was being blackballed because of his on-field political actions.

Colin Kaepernick Investigation

By August 2017, the statistics website FiveThirtyEight concluded that “it’s obvious Kaepernick is being frozen out for his political opinions”, calling it “extraordinary … that a player like him can’t find a team”, after finding that “no above-average quarterback [measured by the total quarterback rating] has been unemployed nearly as long as Kaepernick this offseason”. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady openly spoke on this issue in a CBS interview. He believes that Kaepernick is qualified and deserves to play for an NFL team simply based on his accomplishments during the 2012 season where he led the 49ers to Super Bowl XLVII. President Donald Trump took credit for Kaepernick’s situation, claiming he would use Twitter to create a public relations crisis for any team that signed him.

Colin Kaepernick Refuses to Stand Again

In late July and early August, the Baltimore Ravens were working to extend an offer to Kaepernick. According to Ray Lewis, the offer was terminated after a tweet by Kaepernick’s girlfriend compared the Ravens team owner Steve Bisciotti to a slave owner. According to other reports, Bisciotti had been objecting to signing Kaepernick even before the incident.

If your clueless here’s the scoop

In 2016, Kaepernick gained nationwide attention when he began protesting by not standing while the United States national anthem was being played before the start of games. This decision was motivated by what he viewed as the oppression of people of color in the United States. His actions prompted a wide variety of responses, including additional athletes in the NFL and other American sports leagues protesting in various ways during the anthem. Kaepernick’s current free agency status has also been the subject of discussion and controversy.

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