Boston Flooding as Winter Storm Grayson Reeks Havoc on the Northeast Boston Flooding Winter Storm

Boston experienced historic flooding on Thursday, from the ‘bomb cyclone’ which has reeked havoc on the Northeast.

The weather event is the first major winter storm of the season bringing heavy snow, winds and storm surge.

Meteorologists said Boston was unofficially nearing a water level record set during the Blizzard of 1978. Matt Doody, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Taunton, said the Weather Service couldn’t ‘officially’ call it a new record, but the water was hovering around the 15.1 foot mark set during the historic storm 40 years ago.

The system is also very similar to a storm that hit the Northeast on the exact same day in 1989, according to the Weather Service.

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At least a dozen people have reportedly been rescued from flooded homes in Marshfield, and a handful of others were rescued from cars under water in the South Shore region of Massachusetts. ‘It’s up over the roof of cars. It’s up over four feet,’ Deputy Fire Chief Louis Cipullo said of the floodwaters in the area.

The nor’easter threatened to dump as much as 18 inches of snow from the Carolina’s to Maine – causing schools and office to close and more than 4,000 flights to be cancelled. So far, the deadly storm has claimed six lives.

Across Massachusetts, more than 20,000 were without power.

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