NCAA Division 1 College Football Championship History of Winners

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College Football Championship Winners History

The College Football Playoff is an annual postseason tournament to determine the national champion of the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division I Football Bowl Subdivision, the highest level of college football in the United States.

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The 13-member selection committee selects and seeds the four playoff teams. (Number 1 will play Number 4; Number 2 will play Number 3).

College Football Playoff National Championship Game

2016January 9, 20172 Clemson351 Alabama31Raymond James Stadium
2015January 11, 2016 2 Alabama451 Clemson 40University of Phoenix Stadium
2014January 12, 20154 Ohio State422 Oregon20AT&T Stadium

January 9, 2017 – The Clemson Tigers defeat the Alabama Crimson Tide 35-31 to win the 2017 College Football Playoff National Championship.

BCS College Football National Championship Results

2013January 6, 20141 Florida St.342 Auburn31BCS National Championship
2012January 7, 20132 Alabama421 Notre Dame14BCS National Championship
2011January 9, 20122 Alabama211 LSU0BCS National Championship
2010January 10, 20111 Auburn222 Oregon19BCS National Championship
2009January 7, 20101 Alabama372 Texas21BCS National Championship
2008January 8, 20091 Florida242 Oklahoma14BCS National Championship
2007January 7, 20082 LSU381 Ohio State24BCS National Championship
2006January 8, 20072 Florida411 Ohio State14BCS National Championship
2005 January 4, 20062 Texas411 USC38Rose Bowl
2004 January 4, 20051 USC552 Oklahoma19Orange Bowl
2003 January 4, 20042 LSU213 Oklahoma14Sugar Bowl
2002 January 3, 20032 Ohio State311 Miami24Fiesta Bowl
2001 January 3, 20021 Miami374 Nebraska14Rose Bowl
2000 January 3, 20011 Oklahoma133 Florida St.2Orange Bowl
1999 January 4, 20001 Florida St.462 Virginia Tech29Sugar Bowl
1998 January 4, 19991 Tennessee232 Florida St.16Fiesta Bowl

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