Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman Reach Divorce Settlement

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A settlement has been reach in the nasty Harvey Weinstein and estranged wife, English fashion designer and actress Georgina Chapman, breakup!

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According to the celebrity gossip rumor mill, the couple reached a property settlement agreement and a custody arrangement for their two children, India Pearl (born 2010) who is 7-years-old and son, Dashiell (born 2013) who is 4-years-old.

The settlement, first reported by Page Six, has the backdrop of a prenuptial agreement. They’ve just crossed the 10-year mark in their marriage which is significant … we’re told their prenup is like most, and after 10 years more money kicks in for the less wealthy spouse.

Angie Everhart Weinstein  Sexual Allegations

We’re told the settlement does not precisely mirror the prenup.

Neither party has actually filed a divorce petition, but that should be coming soon now that the settlement agreement has been reached.

Georgina Chapman Celebrity Gossip News: Trivia

  • Georgina Chapman is a former model.
  • Daughter-in-law of Miriam Weinstein and Max Weinstein.
  • Georgina Chapman is the soon to be ex-sister-in-law of Bob Weinstein and Annie Clayton.
    (December 15, 2007) Married her boyfriend of 3 years Harvey Weinstein.
  • Gave birth to her 1st child at age 34, a daughter India Pearl Weinstein on August 30, 2010. Child’s father is her husband, Harvey Weinstein.
  • Gave birth to her 2nd child at age 36, a son Dashiell Max Robert Weinstein on April 11, 2013. Child’s father is her husband, Harvey Weinstein.
  • Her fragrance of choice is Tom Ford’s Black Orchid.
  • Has appeared in advertising campaigns for Head & Shoulders and Halls Soothers.
  • Co-founder of high end fashion label, Marchesa.
  • Daughter of Brian Chapman, owner of organic coffee company, Percol.

Here is a complete list of his accusers:

1. Amber Anderson, an actress known for The Riot Club, posted to Instagram on Oct. 16 that Weinstein “coerced” her into a private meeting. “He behaved inappropriately and propositioned a ‘personal’ relationship to further my career whilst bragging about other actresses he had ‘helped’ in a similar way,” she wrote. “He tried to take my hand and put it in his lap which is when I managed to leave the room.”

2. Lysette Anthony, an English model and actress of Husbands and Wives, told ‘The Sunday Times’ on Oct. 15 that Weinstein raped her in her home in the late 1980s.

3. Asia Argento, an Italian actress, model and director, told The New Yorker that in 1997 when she was 21, Weinstein asked for a massage and forcibly performed oral sex on her at a hotel in France.

4. Rosanna Arquette, 58, told The New Yorker she rebuffed an early 1990s advance from Weinstein, saying he asked for a massage while wearing only a bathrobe. She says the producer told her she was making a “big mistake” by rejecting him and claims he has made things “very difficult for (her) for years.” Arquette is an actress, director and producer known for her work in Pulp Fiction and The Executioner’s Song.

5. Jessica Barth, the 37-year-old actress from the Ted films, told The New Yorker Weinstein invited her to a business meeting at his Beverly Hills hotel room after the 2011 Golden Globes. Barth later recalls he had champagne waiting, and alternated between offering to cast her in a film and demanding a naked massage. She claims that when she moved toward the door to leave, Weinstein lashed out, saying that she needs to lose weight “to compete with Mila Kunis.”

6. Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, an Italian model, can be heard being pressured by Weinstein in audiotapes from a New York Police Department sting in 2015. In the tapes, he seemingly admits to groping the model on the previous day. Weinstein reaches a settlement with Gutierrez, according to the Times.  Read More Here

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