Kim Kardashian Reveals Baby Name to Followers via Twitter

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Kardashian fans… now know the name of the reality stars third child. The couples baby girl was born Tuesday via surrogate.

buy Gabapentin from india Kim Kardashian West took to Twitter on Friday to announce the name and it had nothing to do with Louis Vuitton.

The name they chose isn’t North, South or East…. It’s Chicago West. Nickname will be Chi however, it is pronounced Shy!

So wonder no more… The mystery is no longer a mystery! Although the celebrity couple has yet to offer an explanation for the unique name, Kanye West grew up in the Windy City.

Therefore, Kanye’s ties to his hometown are quite meaningful. After his parents divorced when he was 3, Kanye and his mother, Donda, moved to Chicago. He grew up in Oak Lawn and references the city in his work quite often, most prominently in the 2007 song “Homecoming.” Featured artist Chris Martin sings about fireworks at Lake Michigan, and Kanye raps about meeting a girl named Windy, a blatant metaphor for the Windy City that could double as a nickname for his child. In case it was not clear, he later raps, “If you don’t know by now, I’m talkin’ ’bout Chi-town.”

TWITTER Reactions to the name Chicago West…

Chicago west sounds like a nbc show that’s a ripoff of law & order svu that debuted in the fall of 2007 that came on from 9:30 pm est. that only lasted one season because of bad ratings that returned in 2009 only to be cancelled again the following year.

Chicago West sounds like the name of a hit new medical drama coming this fall on ABC.

Chicago West is my new favorite NBC drama.

kim and kanye named their new child chicago west and not wild west and that really saddens me

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