New Hampshire Lottery Winner Jane Doe Wants Privacy Protected

New Hampshire Lottery Winner

A New Hampshire woman, who won a $559.7 million dollar Powerball jackpot continues to take necessary steps to protect her anonymity.

order provigil online uk The woman, identified as Jane Doe, won the drawing on January 06. She purchased her Reeds Ferry Market in Merrimack, New Hampshire. Now, she is concerned about her privacy as well as her well-being. She also fears that revealing her name to the public would put her at risk for crime, disruption and a life of discontent.

New Hampshire state law requires the winner’s name, town and amount won be available for public information in accordance with RSA 91-A. A winner’s street address and phone number is not considered public information.

Steve M. Gordon the attorney representing Ms. Jane Doe, appeared before a New Hampshire Superior Court Judge Charles Temple earlier this week. Mr. Gordon ask the court do grant his client a do-over. This would allow her to name a trust as the winner rather than use her name.

He told Judge Temple that his client is not trying to amend the laws of New Hampshire or the rules of the lottery. She is merely seeking a narrow ruling which will to guarantee her privacy rights.

According to sources, every day the case remains unresolved, the lottery winner loses about $14,000 in interest. The total amount lost since the winning numbers were picked already exceeds $500,000.

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