Trump Tower Fire Upper East Side Fifth Avenue no Sprinkler System Trump Tower

New reports have surfaced following Saturdays fire on the 50th floor of Trump Tower which claimed one life and left six firefighters with injuries. The man who died, was a 67-year old art collector identified as Todd Brassner, was a resident of the building.

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According to numerous creditable media outlets, are reporting that in 1998 Trump lobbied against a law that would have required sprinklers be installed in all New York City buildings.

Trumps argument with the law was that installing sprinklers, which costs $4 per square foot, was too expensive. Therefore, the building remained without a sprinkle system.

New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who was in office at the time agreed with developers, saying the cost of installing sprinklers was going to be too high.

Giuliani did signed the bill, which added the provision that if the high-rise rentals underwent renovations developers would have to install sprinklers.

The bill as it was initially written would have impacted two of his buildings, Trump Tower and Trump World Tower, which had already been approved but began construction in 1999.

Trump ended up spending $3million on sprinklers for the Trump World Tower, but they were never installed in the Upper East Side Fifth Avenue building.

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