Actor Vince Vaughn takes an Unplanned Weekend Detour to Jail

actor vince vaughn

Vince Vaughn was arrested for Driving Under the Influence in Hermosa Beach in Los Angeles County.

The arrest was made when the 48-year-old actor actor and an unidentified male passenger were stopped at a sobriety checkpoint.

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According to Manhattan Beach PD, Vaughn and an unidentified male passenger were stopped at the checkpoint around 12:30 AM.  Officers ask both men to step out of the vehicle.  They were both  uncooperative and, initially, refused to get out.

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According to the celebrity gossip rumor mill ….the passenger in the car driven by the “Wedding Crashers” star was  booked and cited for misdemeanor DUI, as well as obstructing an officer.  His passenger was booked for obstruction and public intoxication.  Both men have been released.

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If charged, this would be Vaughn’s first DUI offense, however, it’s not his first  run-in with police.  In 2001, the actor  was arrested after a bar brawl in Wilmington, N.C.  Actor Steve Buscemi was also stabbed in that incident.

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