Details and Update Kellen Winslow Jr Arrested for Sexual Assault

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Kellen Winslow is a lowlife scumbag bas*ard and deserves to rot!

It appears that former Kellen Winslow has become the latest former professional football start to disgrace the character and then integrity of the NFL.

New and disturbing details have emerged about the sexual assault allegations against  Kellen Winslow Jr.

As previously reported, the 34-year-old disgraced ex Cleveland Browns tight end was arrested in San Diego on Thursday. He was charged with a number of felonies, sexual assault including rape, sodomy, burglary, indecent exposure, and kidnapping.

Former NFL Star  Arrested for Kidnapping and Rape

Winslow II’s was arraigned on multiple felony charges, sexual assault, including kidnapping and rape, at the Vista Courthouse on Friday.

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Kellen Winslow II — son of Chargers great Kellen Winslow — pleaded not guilty Friday to multiple felony charges, including accusations of kidnapping and raping two transient women, one of them a hitchhiker who had gotten into his SUV.

In a police complaint, obtained by The San Diego Union Tribune, Winslow preyed on older women when committing his crimes.

According to the complaint, he faces two counts of burglary with intent to rape in June, with the victims being ages 71 and 86.

He has also been charged with kidnapping, rape and forced oral copulation of a 56-year-old woman in March, and kidnapping, rape and sodomy of a 59-year-old woman in May. That same month, he was charged with indecent exposure.

If convicted of all the charges, the former Pro Bowler could face life imprisonment.

On Thursday Winslow was taken into custody at the Vista Detention Facility, a jail located in San Diego County. He currently remains in jail without bail.

All the alleged crimes happened in Encinitas, where Winslow II lives.

Among the charges in the complaint:

Kidnap, rape and forced oral copulation of a 54-year-old woman in March.
Kidnap, rape and sodomy of a 59-year-old woman in May.
Indecent exposure in May (the victim was a 55-year-old woman).
Burglary with the intent to rape a 71-year-old woman in June.
Burglary with the intent to rape an 86-year-old woman in June.

After hearing from Owens during the arraignment, Judge Robert P. Dahlquist ordered Winslow II to remain jailed on a no-bail status.

After the arraignment, the defendant’s attorneys declined comment.

Winslow II’s father was among the supporters in the courtroom. After the hearing, he and his son’s wife, Janelle Winslow, issued the following statement:

“On behalf of our son and my husband, we want to reiterate our love, support and affection for him during this difficult process. We will always be there for him and we know the true facts will come out.”

Kellen Winslow Jr. accused of two rapes, two attempted rapes and …

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2008 Cleveland Browns 10 8 43 428 10.0 30 3 1 1
2007 Cleveland Browns 16 14 82 1,106 13.5 49 5 2 1
2006 Cleveland Browns 16 16 89 875 9.8 40 3 1 0
2005 Cleveland Browns 0 0
2004 Cleveland Browns 2 2 5 50 10.0 21 0
TOTAL 469 5,236 11.2 49 25 1 7 7.0 7 0 7 3

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