Justin Bieber Confirms Rumors Engaged to Hailey Baldwin Rumors

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It’s true! Justin Bieber and Haley Baldwin are engaged. The singer confirmed the engagement rumors via Instagram.

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In his social media post, captioned with a love letter to Bieber’s fiancée, Bieber said that Baldwin is the love of his life and that he wants to spend the rest of his time on this planet with her. Awhhh!

Bieber went all out with an engagement ring that was designed by a private New York City-based jeweler, Solow & Co. According to sources, the ring is estimated to have cost $500.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin PDA

Hailey Baldwin Gossip News and Trivia

Daughter of Stephen Baldwin and Kennya Baldwin.
Niece of Alec Baldwin, William Baldwin, Daniel Baldwin.
Younger sister of Alaia Baldwin.
Is named after Halley’s Comet.
Cousin of Ireland Baldwin.
Her father has English, Irish, Scottish, French-Canadian, and German ancestry. Her mother is Brazilian (and has roots including Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish).
Enaged to Justin Bieber.

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