Joe Jonas List Sherman Oaks Farmhouse Style Home on the Market

Joe Jonas House Sherman Oaks

Joe Jonas has put his Sherman Oaks luxury farmhouse on the market and it can be yours for $4.25 million!

The 5,600 square foot residence which sits on an extra wide lot is full of character.

The interior has a modern day country style farmhouse feel. It has 4-bedrooms, 6-bathrooms.lots of open space, wide hallways. There’s a fireplace in the living room, the kitchen is perfect for farm-to-table dining and it looks like you could spend all day in the showers.

Must we not fail to mention, the property features a movie theater, an extra long pool and separate Jacuzzi surrounded by manicured lawns, and there’s even a mini waterfall.

Joe Jonas Gossip News and Trivia
He plays keyboard, guitar, tambourine and lead vocals for The Jonas Brothers.
Before becoming a musician he wanted to be a comedian.
Enjoys running.
Favorite actresses are Natalie Portman and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.
Before being in the Jonas Brothers with his two brothers Kevin and Nick, he was back up vocalists with his older brother Kevin.
Along with his two brothers Kevin and Nicholas, he performed at their church. They had been part of the church choir.
Was born in Casa Grande, Arizona, grew up in Wyckoff New Jersey and now resides in Texas.
Became home-schooled in 7th grade.
Brothers include Kevin Jonas, Nick Jonas, and Frankie Jonas.
Collected G.I. Joe action figures and pens as a child.
Favorite movie is School for Scoundrels (2006).
His favorite band is Switchfoot.
His favorite singer is Johnny Lang.
Owns 5 guitars.
His favorite TV shows are Boy Meets World (1993), Heroes (2006), Lost (2004), Friends (1994) and Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (2003).
Like his brother Nick Jonas, Joe wears a purity ring.
Finished high school July 2008.
He is a close friend of former Zoey 101 (2005) star Alexa Nikolas.
He went out with actress Ashley Greene July 2010 – March 2011.
Fan of Britney Spears.

Justin Bieber Gives up his Codeine Cocktail

He started writing his solo album with his friends in the studio. His brothers supported him in his solo project.
He has German, English, Scottish, Irish, Italian/Sicilian (from a great-grandfather), French-Canadian, and Cherokee Native American ancestry.
He is related to congressmen Charles A. Jonas (1876-1955), and his son, Charles R. Jonas (1904-1988), of North Carolina. Like Joe, both congressmen were descendants of German immigrants surnamed “Jonas”, in the 1700s.
USA Tour with Demi Lovato. [July 2008]
On the “Burnin’Up” tour with his band, The Jonas Brothers, and Demi Lovato, which is set to end on August 31st. [August 2008]
Currently, they are touring. [January 2008]
Broke up with Taylor Swift. [November 2008]
South American tour without Demi Lovato [November 2010]
On tour with Demi Lovato and Camp Rock 2 Final Jam cast [July 2010]
On “The Burning Up” tour with Demi Lovato. [July 2008]
On tour with Avril Lavigne in Europe. [April 2008]
On the Jonas Brothers’ World Tour with Honor Society, Jordin Sparks, and the Wondergirls. [July 2009]
Filming the 2nd season of Jonas [February 2010]
Is engaged to Sophie Turner as of October 2017.

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