Geoffrey Owens Talks Cosby Show Actor to Trader Joe’s Groceries

Cosby Show Actor

‘Cosby Show’ Alum Geoffrey Owens Speaks out After Being Job-Shamed!

source The Cosby Show actor Geoffrey Owens has opened up about how Bill Cosby’s scandal impacted him financially after the show was pulled from syndication and his royalty checks stopped coming in.

Geoffrey Owens, 57, became the topic of media conversation after he was photographed bagging groceries at Trader Joe’s in New Jersey to make ends-meet earlier this month.

In an interview, Owens talked about the Bill Cosby, 81, alleged sexual assaults sandal impacted of dozens of women as well as the Cosby Show syndication which was pulled. As a result, the cast’s checks being were stopped. According to Owens, the checks from the Cosby Show re-runs had been part of their income for years. As a result, he was forced to seek other employment to support his family which includes his wife Josette their son.

In 1985, Owens made his television debut on the second season of the NBC sitcom The Cosby Show as Sondra Huxtable’s boyfriend Elvin Tibideaux. He married Sondra and became a regular character in 1987 and appeared on the series until it ended in 1992.

Geoffrey Owens Gossip News and Trivia

Geoffrey Owens is known for his role as Elvin Tibideaux on The Cosby Show (1985–1992).
He is the son of former United States Congressman Major Owens.
Owens attended the High School of Performing Arts for a year and graduated cum laude from Yale University in 1983.
Owens is the founder and artistic director of The Brooklyn Shakespeare Company.
He has taught acting and Shakespeare at Columbia University, Yale, the Adult School of Montclair and Pace University.
In 1995, Owens married his wife, Josette. Together they have one son.
Owens has a net worth of $300 thousand.

TOPIC: The Cosby Show actor Geoffrey Owens is back in the spotlight after he said he was “job shamed” for taking a second job at Trader Joe’s,

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