Flags to be at Half Staff in Honor of Former U.S. President H.W. Bush

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President Donald Trump designated Wednesday as a national day of mourning, and a representative for the New York Stock Exchange said markets would close on that day, in keeping with the Big Board’s longstanding tradition.

go to this website American flags to be flown at half-staff for 30 days to honor Bush.

the 41st president of the United States who died in Houston late Friday after decades as a public servant that propelled an enduring family legacy. He was 94.

He will lie in state in the United States Capitol rotunda.

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Here are all of the guidelines about how long to leave flags at half-staff, set out in Eisenhower’s proclamation.

  • President or former president’s death: 30 days
  • Vice president, the chief justice or a retired chief justice of the United States Supreme Court, or the speaker of the House of Representatives: 10 days
  • Associate justice of the Supreme Court, a member of the Cabinet, a former vice president, the president pro tempore of the Senate, the majority leader of the Senate, the minority leader of the Senate, the majority leader of the House of Representatives, or the minority leader of the House of Representatives: Death until interment
  • United States senator, representative, territorial delegate, or the resident commissioner from the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico: On the day of death and the day after
  • The governor of a state, territory or possession: Day of death until interment
  • The president can also choose to lower a flag whenever the nation is mourning, whether it is after a tragedy or after the death of another official not outlined in the proclamation.