Kyrsten Sinema First Openly-Bisexual Senator to be Sworn in

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History was made on Thursday when Kyrsten Sinema became the first openly-bisexual senator to be sworn in. Kyrsten Sinema, a Democratic from Arizona is creating an internet buzz, not for being sworn in, but for her choice of attire she chose to wear for the event.

Sinema who also made history for becoming the first woman elected as a U.S. Senator from Arizona wore something that compared to the likes of Reese’s Witherspoon’s character, Elle Woods, in Legally Blonde with a sash of Imelda Staunton’s from the Harry Potter film franchise.

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At the 116th Congress event, Sinema was only the second woman from her state to be sworn in, alongside Martha McSally who lost their face-off but replaces the late John McCain. McSally was first to be sworn in.

Kyrsten Sineman is the senior United States Senator from Arizona. A member of the Democratic Party, she served as the U.S. Representative from Arizona’s 9th congressional district from 2013 to 2019. She previously served in both chambers of the Arizona State Legislature, having been elected to the Arizona House of Representatives in 2004 and the Arizona Senate in 2010.