Delta and United Pilots Urge Trump to end the Government Shutdown

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Delta and United Airlines pilots as well as JetBlue and many other airlines — have had enough!

business plan writing services The largest pilots union in the world is urging President Donald Trump to put an end to the government shutdown.

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follow link Joe Depete, the President of the Air Line Pilots Association, which represents more than 61,000 pilots from 35 U.S. and Canadian airlines, wrote a letter to the President warning that the continuing impasse was threatening ‘the safety, security, and efficiency of our national airspace system.’

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how to enjoy writing He added ‘The nation’s airspace system is a complex transportation network that involves government and industry partnerships to function properly, and the disruptions being caused by the shutdown are threatening the safe operations of this network.’ John Travolta’s Ocala Aviation Estate

custom writing essays custom written essays The government agency partners in the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have dual roles.


enter ‘They are both regulators and service providers. Read more here ABOUT The Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA) is the largest pilot union in the world, representing more than 61,000 pilots from 35 U.S. and Canadian airlines. ALPA was founded on 27 July 1931 and is a member of the AFL-CIO and the Canadian Labor Congress. Known internationally as U.S.-ALPA, ALPA is also a member of the IFALPA.

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types of research articles President: Captain Joe DePete buy argumentative essay Captain Joe DePete, FedEx Express, is ALPA’s eleventh president. Captain DePete previously served as ALPA first vice president and national safety coordinator, executive vice president, FedEx Express Master Executive Council chairman, and Local Executive Council chairman. He was an active member of the ALPA Organizing Committee for the merger with the Flying Tiger Line Pilots Association as well as for the merger with the FedEx Pilots Association.

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