Mother of Season 23 Bachelor Contestant Demi Burnett Prison

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One question that is on the mind of “The Bachelor” fans is what the mother of contestant buy Lyrica online australia Demi Burnett did that landed her in the federal penitentiary.

Here’s the deal… Tina Jordon, was released from prison in November 2019. She was sentenced to 18-month which she served at FMC Carswell Prison in Fort Worth, Texas for conspiracy to commit bank fraud.

Jordan began serving her time on July 24, 2017. According to sources, upon completion, she was ordered to spend 6-months at a prison sponsored halfway house in San Antonio.

But wait there’s more… Jordon has an extensive rap sheet which dates back to 2000 and includes felony charges such as grand theft, forgery and probation violations. In 2007, she served time for embezzlement.

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Demi reportedly has a good relationship with her mom despite her extensive criminal background.

More about buy provigil ireland Demi Burnett: Demi Burnett is 23-year-old from Dallas Texas. She is an aspiring actress/model who attended Texas State University.

She describes herself as Super bubbly and outgoing, with a little sass girl. She doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty and having fun.” She has never been in a serious relationship.”

She is active on social media and can be found using the user names… Facebook – Demi Burnett and Instagram – demi_not_lovato