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Pregnant Jessica Simpson Needs Advise on Swollen Feet

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Pop Diva, Fashion Designer and soon to be mother of three, Jessica Simpson is reaching out to her fans in attempt to find a magic remedy for her pregnancy related swollen feet.

online dating asians and indians Jessica, 38, share a photo on Instagram which clearly shows her extremely swollen left foot. She captioned her photo saying ‘Any remedies?! Help!!!!’

In September 2018, Simpson announced that she and husband Eric Johnson were expecting their third child. Her due date has not been announced which has resulted in a fan buzz of speculation and theory. Most women wait until they are out of the first trimester to announce a pregnancy. So if Simpson was at least 12 weeks pregnant when she announced the news on Instagram, she is likely at least four months along right now, putting her due date in March or April.

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The couple have a 6-year-old daughter Drew and 5-year-old son Ace.

In attempt to help Jessica we found the following information that might help…

Those swollen ankles are a normal, though frustrating, woe for many expectant women. During pregnancy, the extra fluid in the body and the pressure from the growing uterus can cause swelling (or “edema”) in the ankles and feet. The swelling tends to get worse as a woman’s due date nears, particularly near the end of the day and during hotter weather.

Jessica Simpson Confident About her Weight

Although sudden swelling in the face or hands may be a sign of a condition known as preeclampsia, mild swelling of the ankles and feet is usually no cause for concern.

To help reduce and/or prevent those annoying swollen ankles, try these simple steps:

Avoid standing for long periods.
Prop up your feet when sitting and avoid crossing your legs.
Stretch often when sitting for long periods.
Lie on your left side when sleeping.
Put maternity support stockings (that go to your waist) on before getting out of bed in the morning
Drink plenty of water. (This may sound odd, but if your body feels it is dehydrated, it will try to retain even more fluid.)
Swim or stand in a pool up to your neck.
Exercise regularly.
Try to stay cool in humid or hot weather.

Call your health care provider if you notice swelling of your face, around your eyes, or more than mild swelling of the hands. Also let your doctor know right away if you have sudden swelling anywhere or if one leg is more swollen than the other.

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