Thomas Markle Half Brother of Meghan Markle Arrested in Oregon[52]/5/ Thomas Markle Jr

Thomas Markle Jr., the half brother of the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle was arrested on Friday for driving under the influence in Oregon.

According to sources, Thomas Markle Jr., was visibly intoxicated when he was arrested.  His BAC was .11%. Following his arrest, he was taken to a facility for detox.

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The legal system uses a more scientific method for determining when a person is drunk, Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC,) the percentage of alcohol in the blood (or proportion of alcohol to blood in the body) as someone drinks.

In most states, a BAC of .10% is considered legally drunk. This means that for every 1,000 milliliters of blood, the body contains 1 milliliter of alcohol. In some states, the legal definition of intoxication is .08%, which means that for every 1000 milliliters of blood, the body contains 8/10ths of a milliliter of alcohol.

Thomas Wayne Markle Jr. is the paternal half-brother of the Duchess of Sussex, the son of Thomas Markle Sr. and

Roslyn Markle (née Loveless).

He was born in 1966 and lives in Grants Pass, Oregon, with his fiancée Darlene Blout.

He works as a window fitter.

Thomas Markle Jr. was not invited to the wedding of Prince Harry and his half-sister, and at the time of the wedding, he had not seen her for about seven years.

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In an interview with the Daily Mirror in April 2018, Markle called his half-sister a “phony” who had “turned into a different person” and “forgotten her roots and her family” since becoming famous.

He then sent Prince Harry a letter, asking him to call off the wedding – saying the upcoming wedding would be “the biggest mistake in Royal Wedding History”, criticizing his half-sister’s treatment of Thomas Markle Sr.