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Chris Hansen Major Financial Issues Evicted from NYC Apartment

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Details about the financial status of former MSNBC host Chris Hansen have surfaced following the news that he had been arrested for writing $13,000 worth of bad checks and failing to pay thousands of dollars to a vendor for marketing materials.

http://jgphotoart.com/61437-dte46847-how-online-dating-affects-mental-health.html According to reports, the 59-year-old who came to notoriety after hosting the MSNBC reality show “To Catch a Predator,” has been struggling financially for some time.

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He has been evicted from his Manhattan apartment and given 10-days to move. His debt includes… $1,078,164.73 to US Bank Trust, $15,000 to Ally Financial, $57,931.72 to American Express, $126,356.35 to TD Bank. He also owes $250,000 to the IRS for back taxes.

Les Moonves Won’t Get his Severance

Chris Hansen is known for his work on Dateline NBC, in particular the former segment To Catch a Predator, which revolved around catching potential Internet sex predators using a sting operation. He also hosts Killer Instinct on Investigation Discovery, which documents homicide investigations. In September 2016, he became the new host of the syndicated show Crime Watch Daily.

n January 2019, Hansen was charged with larceny after a check bounced with a vendor who delivered promotional items.Hansen turned himself in to police in Connecticut on January 14, 2019, for allegedly bouncing checks for nearly $13,000 worth of promotional materials.

Chris Hansen Quotes

“Why don’t you take a seat over there?”

“I am Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC, and we are doing a story on adults meeting young teens online for sex.”
[on his inspiration for going into journalism]

“When I was 14 years old, Jimmy Hoffa was kidnapped from a restaurant, the Red Fox, that was about 1 and 1/2 miles up the street from where I lived. I used to ride my bike up there and the FBI was up there and it was a crime scene and there were local police and local news reporters; I got bit by the bug watching that.”
[on how the concept of To Catch a Predator originated]

“It was my idea. I was on the phone talking to a friend of mine who was a reporter in Detroit, Kevin Dietz. He was telling me about this online watchdog group called Perverted Justice and I was thinking, ‘Wow, if we could combine their ability to work as decoys in chat rooms and our ability to wire a house with hidden cameras and microphones, it could be pretty compelling.’ A lot of other smart people weighed in and figured out ways to improve the concept and we went out and shot the first one in Long Island.”