Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Divorce Settlement Shocker

Jeff Bezos divorce

 Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, has settled his divorce from wife MacKenzie Bezos.

According to sources, MacKenzie Bezos,  walked away with just 25 percent of their $144billion joint stock holding after 26 years of marriage and despite his affair with Lauren Sanchez.

Here’s the deal according to Daily Mail Online

Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie have settled their divorce – and the richest man in the world got off lightly.

Jeff, 55, will keep 75 percent of their joint $144billion Amazon stake, leaving MacKenzie with just a quarter which represents a four percent stake in the company worth $35.8billion. Jeff’s 12 percent stake is now worth around $107.5billion which allows him to retain his title as the richest man in the world.

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He will also take voting control of his ex-wife’s remaining shares, and has been given her interest in The Washington Post, which he bought for $250million in 2013, and Blue Origin, his space travel company which he is currently investing in. The pair announced the details in tweets on Thursday afternoon but offered no explanation as to why MacKenzie, who has helped build Amazon since it launched in 1994, will walk away with just half of what she is entitled to after 26 years of marriage. The Vanguard Group is the second largest Amazon shareholder with 30million shares. With the split as it is, even if MacKenzie sold all her remaining shares to them, they would still not surpass her ex-husband as the majority shareholder.

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