UK Elite Diver Josh Bratchley Rescued from Tennessee Cave

Cave Diver Josh Bratchley

Josh Bratchley, a member of the dive team that helped to rescue 12 soccer players form a flooded Thailand cave last summer, has now gone missing in a Tennessee Cave.

Bratchley, who is  a highly experienced member of the elite dive teamed from the UK,  was reportedly among several divers who had been in the area exploring the cave.  The dive route in question is 400 feet long and goes approximately 40 feet deep into an area with limited visibility. It takes 30-45 minutes to reach the end.

Authorities launched a rescue operation in Jackson County to save Bratchley from the Mill Pond Cave on Wednesday.  According to sources, Bratchley has been safely rescued and said to be stable.

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The Thailand Soccer Team Rescue
Josh Bratchley was involved in a high-stakes rescue operation last summer after a group of Thai youth soccer players and their 25-year-old coach entered a cave on June 23 for a quick exploration. Flooding quickly blocked the exit and they had to retreat deeper inside the cave. Heavy rains raised water levels further and thwarted the initial searches before divers on July 2 found the group huddled on a dry patch of ground, safe but hungry.

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