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Princeton Graduate Thomas Gilbert Gets Thirty Years Behind Bars Thomas Gilbert Update Thomas Gilbert Jr., the spoiled Princeton graduate dubbed “Ivy League Killer” who murdered his father because his allowance was being cut, was sentenced to 30 years behind bars in New York City on Friday.

free dating sites asian women The 34-year-old former Princeton football player shot his hedge fund manager father, Thomas Gilbert Sr., in 2015 in their Upper East Side Home after arguing with him because he threatened to cut his allowance from $600 to $400.

Gilbert Jr. had tried to plead not guilty by way of insanity but it was rejected by the court because he had sent his mother, Shelley, out to fetch him a Coca Cola and a sandwich before he opened fire on his father.

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The extra effort he went to to get her out of the way proved pre-meditation. On Friday, Shelley addressed the court to ask the judge for leniency. She was ‘weepy’ as she read aloud a statement and called her son a ‘good boy’ who struggled with mental health issues. Gilbert Jr. also spoke. He asked if the sentencing could be delayed and complained about his legal representation.

More About Thomas Gilbert

Tommy Gilbert grew up in what his father called “a small mansion” in Tuxedo Park, New York, and then at various tony Manhattan addresses (a Park Avenue apartment, a town house on East 61st Street).

At Princeton, he majored in economics.

He was the son of an investment banker and a former debutante and was raised in an environment of extreme privilege.

From Buckley, he’d gone to Deerfield Academy, then Princeton.

He was a strapping six feet three inches, gym-bodied and catalogue-model-handsome, with a man-bun-worthy sweep of blond hair and piercing blue eyes.