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Texas Father Devin Miller Forced to make an Emergency Landing in Mississippi Devin Miller Pilot

It was a scary moment for a Texas family when the  plane, piloted by Devin Miller, the father, was forced to make emergency landing in Mississippi.

reminyl generic cost According to sources, Devin Miller and his  families nightmare began when the plane’s throttle cable broke midair leaving the aircraft engine in full throttle mode.

Both Miller and wife remained calm as he landed the powerless Piper Arrow light aircraft by gliding it on to the runway of Meridian Regional Airport.

The ordeal, which was capture on video shows the emotional moment the couple realized that they were safe. Miller and his family managed to escape the near disaster without a single scratch.

A Video, posted to YouTube on Monday, shows Devin Miller gliding the aircraft along the runway of MEI airport in Mississippi.

Following the incident, Devin Miller posted the clip to encourage everyone to practice the situation safely with a certified flight instructor.

In reference to the rotation of the propeller at the front of his Piper Arrow light aircraft, he said he was able to “basically control RPMs with a few backfires”.

He added it was a that “ATC’s amazing coordination, professionalism, and the people we met as a result make this learning experience one we took a lot from.”

He also gave credit to his trainers at United Flight Systems and said a friend from Houston flew out to pick the family up.

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Comments about Devin Miller

One said: “That’s your wife with you? She is fantastic. No outside expression of fear she was straight ride and die. Love it. That’s a good woman.”

Another added: “You can see the full realization hit your wife’s face after you landed. This was a really moving video. Thanks for sharing!”

A third said: “Kudos to your wife, she kept cool during the emergency but you can see how glad she was after the landing. Great composure!”


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