Queen Elizabeth Finding it hard to Write her Christmas Message

Christmas Message

After a very challenging year, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth is reportedly finding it difficult to write her traditional Christmas message which she has given since 1952.

With the news of disgraced royal, Prince Andrew, 59, who was sacked from his duties  following a disastrous television interview about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, to the media struggles and reports of family conflicts between Prince William and Prince Harry are all factors which have taken a toll on the royal morale.

Let’s just say…. this years been a struggle for the 93-year-old therefore, her Christmas Message also know as her Majesty’s Most Gracious Speech may have a sense of sadness and despair.

The Queen’s Christmas is a broadcast made by the sovereign of the Commonwealth realms to the Commonwealth of Nations each Christmas.

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The tradition began in 1932 with a radio broadcast by King George V on the British Broadcasting Corporation’s Empire Service. Since 1952, the Christmas message has been read by Elizabeth II; today, it is broadcast on television, radio, and the Internet via various providers.

First Christmas Message from Queen Elizabeth
In her first Christmas message, from the same desk and chair used by her father and grandfather before her, the Queen spoke of carrying on the tradition of Christmas broadcasts passed on to her by George V and George VI and said she would strive to carry on their work to unite the peoples of the Empire and maintain their ideals and thanked her people for their loyalty and affection in the first months of her reign. She also referred to the British Commonwealth and Empire as an “immense union of nations” that was like a family and which “can be a great power for good – a force which I believe can be of immeasurable benefit to all humanity”. This message, and the ones until 1957, were simulcast on television in sound only in the United Kingdom.