LSU Mourns the Loss of Loyal Tiger Fans Killed in Plane Crash


Five LSU Tiger fans, traveling from Louisiana to Atlanta to watch the Peach Bowl one of the two scheduled college football playoff games, were killed when the twin-engine plane crashed in Lafayette. One passenger aboard the aircraft was hospitalized.

LSU 63 – Oklahoma 28

The crash ocurred at 9:22am.

Dennis Devaney, a local resident, told sources that he heard the plane fly over his home at only 50 or 60 feet above the ground.

He said the wings appeared to remain level, but the plane was rising and falling and “the engines were screaming.”

“The plane was going up and down like a roller coaster,” he said. “It looked like [the pilot] was fighting for control.”

The plane then grazed a tree causing it to flip over and hitting a car before making impact with the ground near an area Walmart.

According to sources, the five victims have been identified as Louisiana sports reporter Carley McCord, 30, the pilot Ian Biggs, 51, Robert Crisp II, 59, Gretchen Vincent, 51, and her son Michael ‘Walker’ Vincent, 15 Stephen Wade Berzas, 37, was identified as the only survivor. He remains hospitalized.

Three people on the ground were injured including a person who was either in or near the vehicle the plane crashed into. McCord’s husband, Steven Ensminger Jr., confirmed her death. Ensminger’s father is Steve Ensminger, the offensive coordinator for Louisiana State University’s football team.

The LSU Tiger’s beat Oklahoma with a final score of 63 – 28 and will take to the field on to on January to compete for the NCAA College Championship title. Despite their win over the Sooners, theirs a sense of heartfelt sadness looming over their victory.

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