Happy New Years Resolutions Often Made Seldom Kept

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Once a year, on December 31, we complicate things in our lives with promises that we know we won’t keep!

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According to studies, about 45% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. Only about 8% succeed.

How many times have we come up with promises only to see it free falling and crashing into smithereens before our very eyes? Trust me, I know from experience!

The most common include losing weight, changing one’s diet, and pretty much everything else that relates to getting healthier.

Ten New Years Resolutions that Almost Always Get Broken


New Year’s resolutions have existed since the early 19th century, and perhaps as far back as the late 17th century. Not only were people making them 200 years ago, but they were also breaking them and using them as excuses for bad behavior before the New Year, much like today.

Earliest New Year’s Resolution
It would appear that New Year’s resolutions have existed for quite a long time. A 1671 entry from the diaries of Anne Halkett, a writer and member of the Scottish gentry, contains a number of pledges, typically taken from biblical verses such as “I will not offend any more”. Halkett titled this page “Resolutions”, and wrote them on January 2nd, which would possibly indicate that the practice was in use at the time, even if people did not refer to it as a New Year’s resolution.

It was common enough by the beginning of the 19th century that people would make (and fail to keep) such resolutions that the habit was satirized. An article from Walker’s Hibernian Magazine in 1802 states that “the following personages have begun the year with a strong of resolutions, which they all solemnly pledged to keep”, before enumerating a series of obviously fictitious resolutions (“Statesmen have resolved to have no other object in view than the good of their country…the physicians have determined to follow nature in her operations, and to prescribe no more than is necessary, and to be very moderate in their fees.”)

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