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Royal Gossip Queen Elizabeth gives Prince Harry the Go Ahead

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The Queen has allowed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to quit as senior Royals following a private heart-to-heart conversation with her grandson at yesterday’s crisis summit.

buy ivermectin for guinea pigs australia Queen Elizabeth gave Prince Harry and Meghan the green light to press ahead with plans to become ‘financially independent’.

Following her meeting with Harry, the Queen had a two-hour meeting with Charles, William and Harry in what was described as a ‘calm’ environment.

Following the a family meeting aka Royal Summit at Sandringham, Queen Elizabeth released an emotional statement.

Queen Elizabeth Summit Meeting with Prince Harry

She was sadden by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s decision to split their time between Canada and the UK as they wrap up their Senior Royal duties.

Previous reports indicated that Queen Elizabeth would allow Meghan to join the discussions via conference call. However, that decision was overturned because royals feared the conversation would not remain private.

Prince Charles reportedly informed Harry that he does not have ‘unlimited resources.’The Prince of Wales wanted to ensure that his wayward son couldn’t use royal funds from the Duchy of Cornwall to support his family.

Sandringham House is a country house in the parish of Sandringham, Norfolk, England. It is the private home of Elizabeth II, whose father, George VI, and grandfather, George V, both died there. The house stands in a 20,000-acre estate in the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Queen Elizabeth and her Corgis
The Queen has been very fond of corgis since she was a small child, having fallen in love with the corgis owned by the children of the Marquess of Bath. King George VI brought home Dookie in 1933. A photograph from George VI’s photo album shows a ten-year-old Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II) with Dookie at Balmoral. Elizabeth and her sister Princess Margaret would feed Dookie by hand from a dish held by a footman. The other early favorite corgi during the same time was Jane.
Elizabeth II’s mother, at that time Queen Elizabeth, introduced a disciplined regimen for the dogs; each was to have its own wicker basket, raised above the floor to avoid drafts. Meals were served for each dog in its own dish, the diet approved by veterinary experts with no tidbits from the royal table. A proprietary brand of meat dog biscuits was served in the morning, while the late afternoon meal consisted of dog meal with gravy. Extra biscuits were handed out for celebrations and rewards.

Crackers (24 December 1939, Windsor – November, 1953) was one of the Queen Mother’s corgis, and nearly a constant companion; he retired with the Queen Mother to the Castle of Mey in Scotland. In 1944, Elizabeth was given Susan as a gift on her 18th birthday. Susan accompanied Elizabeth on her honeymoon in 1947. The corgis owned by the Queen are descended from Susan. Rozavel Sue, daughter of Rozavel Lucky Strike, an international champion, was one of the Queen’s corgis in the early 1950s.

The Queen has owned over thirty corgis since her accession to the thrones of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms in 1952.

The Queen’s fondness for corgis and horses is known throughout her realms. For instance, when Elizabeth and Prince Philip visited Grand Cayman in 1983, government officials gave her black coral sculptures of a corgi and a horse as a gift, both made by Bernard Passman.

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