Smart Phones Reveal People are Venturing Out During Quarantine


Quarantine fatigue is setting in, say researchers, after smartphone data revealed that more Americans are venturing outside despite stay-at-home orders that were implemented in mid-March due to the coronavirus outbreak.

A slight nationwide quarantine shift during the week of April 13 was noticed by the researchers at the Maryland Transportation Institute at the University of Maryland.

For now, they warned, any increase in travel would be premature since staying home has been the best way to slow and contain the pandemic.

The number of people staying home is expected to drop more as states have begun allowing some limited re-openings.

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Isolation and quarantine help protect the public by preventing exposure to people who have or may have a contagious disease.

More about Quarantine
Isolation separates sick people with a contagious disease from people who are not sick.
Quarant¡ne separates and restricts the movement of people who were exposed to a contagious disease to see if they become sick.

U.S. Quarantine Stations, located at ports of entry and land border crossings, use these public health practices as part of a comprehensive Quarantine System that serves to limit the introduction of infectious diseases into the United States and to prevent their spread.