Encino Welcomes Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton to the Neighborhood

Encino Gwen and Blake house

Encino welcomes Blake and Gwen!

Encino is a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, California has two new residence.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have reportedly closed the deal on their very first home together, a mansion in Encino, California. According to the sources, Stefani and Shelton shelled out $13.2 million for the estate, which sits on a 1.6-acre lot and spans approximately 13,000 square feet.

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Because the deal happened off-market, and because the home was newly built on spec, there are few photos of the actual house itself, though renderings of the three-story mansion reveal a host of amenities, including a four-car garage, a large kitchen with top-end appliances, an Atmos home theater, and a stunning backyard cabana with its own wet bar and outdoor kitchen situated adjacent to a large pool and inset spa. Because the home is tucked right up against the foothills, it is extra private, with two oversize gates shielding it from street view.

Noted developer Evan Gaskin was responsible for the design and execution. Read more here

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Encino Notable Residents

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  • Don Ameche, actor
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  • Marc Anthony, singer-songwriter
  • Gilbert Arenas, NBA player
  • Catherine Bach, actress
  • Foster Brooks, comedian
  • Edgar Rice Burroughs, author
  • Reggie Bush, NFL player
  • Richard Carlson, actor and film director
  • Jack Carson, actor
  • Johnny Carson, talk show host
  • Dana Carvey, actor-comedian
  • Johnny Cash, singer
  • Kelly Clarkson, singer
  • Richard Crenna, actor
  • Cherie Currie, singer and actress, born in Encino
  • Marie Currie, singer and actress, born in Encino
  • Sondra Currie, actress
  • Lenny Dykstra, professional athlete
  • Alice Faye, actress
  • David Forst, general manager of Oakland Athletics
  • Annette Funicello, actress
  • Clark Gable, actor
  • David Gregory, television journalist
  • Dave Grohl, musician
  • Phil Harris, musician
  • Phil Hartman, actor
  • David Hasselhoff, actor and singer
  • Chick Hearn, sportscaster
  • Dennis Holmes, actor, born in Encino
  • Edward Everett Horton, actor
  • Ron Howard, actor, director and producer
  • Ice Cube, rapper and actor
  • Jackson family, musical group
  • Samuel L. Jackson, actor and producer
  • Kelly Johnson, engineer, Lockheed Aircraft executive
  • Al Jolson, singer and actor
  • Daren Kagasoff, actor, born in Encino
  • Lisa Kudrow, actress
  • Nick Lachey, singer
  • Tim Laker, professional baseball player
  • Martin Lawrence, actor and comedian
  • Carole Lombard, actress
  • Julie London, actress
  • Jayne Meadows, actor, author
  • Leighton Meester, actress and singer
  • Michael Milken, financier, born in Encino
  • Mahbod Moghadam, internet entrepreneur
  • Lori Nelson, actress
  • Barney Oldfield, race car driver
  • Gary Owens, disc jockey, actor, radio announcer
  • Kelly Paris, baseball player, born in Encino
  • Candace Parker and Shelden Williams, basketball stars
  • Logan Paul, YouTuber, actor, and director
  • Daniel Pearl, journalist
  • Tom Petty, singer-songwriter
  • Richard Pryor, actor and comedian
  • Billy Ray (born 1971), screenwriter and film director
  • Sally Ride, physicist and astronaut, born in Encino
  • Jenni Rivera, singer
  • Mickey Rooney, actor
  • Kyle Richards, Real Housewives star and actress
  • Ann Sheridan, actress
  • Dan Sheridan, actor
  • Victoria Justice, actress and singer
  • Ashlee Simpson, singer and actress
  • Slash, musician
  • Kenny Smith, NBA player and TNT host
  • Bob Thomas, Hollywood reporter and author
  • John Travolta, actor
  • Arthur Treacher, actor
  • Steve Vai, guitarist
  • John Wayne, actor and director
  • Jack Webb, actor and director
  • Roger Williams, pianist
  • John Wooden, basketball coach