Magician Magic Bones Britain’s Got Talent Finalist…Congratulations

magician magical mike

Dubbed the “Magical Bones” Richard Essien is considered to be the most exciting talent to have emerged from the magic industry in recent years.

He is the latest act to earn a place in the Britain’s Got Talent Final has been revealed as magician Magical Bones.

Magician Magic Bones performed during Saturday’s episode, the star captivated the judges as he revealed the secret behind a trick and then made his long-distance girlfriend appear.

After his act, which was inspired by former slave Henry Box Brown, magician Magical Bones was told by David Walliams the set was one of the best routines he’d EVER seen.

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The magician beat acrobatic dance crew X1X, who pre-recorded their routine earlier this week from India, and blind singer Sirine Jahangir to get to the final.

More About Henry Box Brown the Inspiration behind Magician Magic Mike

Henry Box Brown was a 19th-century Virginia slave who escaped to freedom at the age of 33 by arranging to have himself mailed in a wooden crate in 1849 to abolitionists in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For a short time, Brown became a noted abolitionist speaker in the northeast United States.

Henry Brown had reached the nadir of his despair. The Virginia slave’s pregnant wife and three children had just been sold away after their owner tried to extort money from Brown to prevent the sale.

“My agony was now complete, she with whom I had traveled the journey of life in chains … and the dear little pledges God had given us I could see plainly must now be separated from me forever, and I must continue, desolate and alone, to drag my chains through the world,” recalled Brown in an account he wrote in 1849. Read more here