House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Continues to Hold Up Covid Relief

nancy pelosi cnn

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday slammed the White House’s most recent stimulus proposal as ignoring key economic issues wrought by the coronavirus pandemic.

Pelosi also defended her decision to turn down what she described as a political stunt that would fail to help the public.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi accused CNN host Wolf Blitzer of being a ‘Republican apologist’ as she went into meltdown in a heated live interview Tuesday over a COVID-19 relief package.

“All of my colleagues — we represent these people, I have for over 30 years represented my constituents,” Pelosi told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on “The Situation Room.” “I know what their needs are, I listen to them, and their needs are not addressed in the President’s proposal.”

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Blitzer pushed Nancy Pelosi as to why fellow Democrats are calling on her to accept the $1.8trillion deal presented last week if it is not adequate.

He noted that former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang and fellow California Democrat Ro Khanna had called on her to accept the deal.

She hit back that Blitzer and others on her party did not know what they are talking about and are not negotiating the package.

Sorece say that “Nancy Pelosi has become increasingly isolated as other Democrats insist she come to a compromise on the relief bill before election day but talks look to have reached a standstill as the Speaker refused to budge.”

Nancy Patricia Pelosi is an American politician serving as a congresswoman from California and the speaker of the United States House of Representatives.