Uncontrollable Spring Breakers Reek Havoc on Miami Beach

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Despite CDC recommendations regarding the potential spread of the coronavirus, thousands of out-of-control spring breakers have invaded Miami Beach.

The party goers forced Miami Beach officials to declares state of emergency due to crowds and instituted an 8 pm. curfew.

It appears that they don’t want to play by the rules and they have one thing on their minds…. PARTY!

According to Miami Beach officials, they have become so uncontrollable that authorities imposed a curfew on Saturday and declared a state of emergency as SWAT teams were seen moving in to clear people out.

C Director Begs Spring Break Goers to Stay Home

The move to control the crowds followed weeks of wild partying in Miami Beach, which is no stranger to uncontrollable spring break throngs of young people. But this year the volume is clearly higher than in previous years, said Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber, who’s expressed concern about the lack of coronavirus restrictions – like wearing a mask – in Florida. ‘I think it is in part due to the fact that there are very few places open elsewhere in the country, or they’re too cold, or they’re not open and they’re too cold,’ he said. The crowds of young people crushing the beach city have sparked worries of a coronavirus ‘super-spreader’ event, while alcohol-fueled partiers have been starting fights in restaurants and in the streets, officials said.  Read full story here

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