Scott Disick Pays Big Bucks for Photo by Helmut Newton

scott disick buys Helmut Newton art

Scott Disick splashed out $57,000 worth of EhereumPay cryptocurrency on a piece of VERY racy artwork by renown photographer Helmut Newton for Amelia.

According to TMZ, the 38-year-old Talentless founder got his hands on the vintage Helmut Newton print, titled Saddle II, Paris 1976, at the ArtLife Gallery Pop-Up in Miami’s Design District on Wednesday.

Helmut Newton was a German-American photographer. The New York Times described Helmut Newton as a “prolific, widely imitated fashion photographer whose provocative, erotically charged black-and-white photos were a mainstay of Vogue and other publications.
Newton was born in Berlin, the son of Klara “Claire” (née Marquis) and Max Neustädter, a button factory owner.His family was Jewish. Helmut Newton attended the Heinrich-von-Treitschke-Realgymnasium and the American School in Berlin. Interested in photography from the age of 12 when he purchased his first camera, he worked for the German photographer Yva from 1936.

The increasingly oppressive restrictions placed on Jews by the Nuremberg laws meant that his father lost control of the factory in which he manufactured buttons and buckles; he was briefly interned in a concentration camp on Kristallnacht, 9 November 1938, which finally compelled the family to leave Germany. Newton’s parents fled to Argentina. Helmut Newton was issued with a passport just after turning 18 and left Germany on 5 December 1938. At Trieste, he boarded the Conte Rosso (along with about 200 others escaping the Nazis), intending to journey to China. After arriving in Singapore, he found he was able to remain there, first briefly as a photographer for the Straits Times and then as a portrait photographer.

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