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Charlie Sheen Hits a Homerun With his Babe Ruth World Series Ring

Charlie Sheen sales world series ring

World Series Ring, going once, going twice, sold!

Charlie Sheen, known for his avid love for sports and sports memorabilia has knocked it out of the ball park with his world series ring.

The actor sold the 1927 New York Yankees World Series ring that once belonged to Babe Ruth.   According to sources, it brought  $2,093,927 at auction Friday night.

He also sold  an original copy of the sale document that sent Babe Ruth from the Red Sox to the Yanks in 1919 for $2,303,920.  Not to shabby!

American Express Sues Charlie Sheen

American Express Sues Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is seriously in the negative when it comes to his American Express Card.

The troubled actor’s lack of financial responsibility has landed him “right smack dab” in the middle of a lawsuit!

According to the celebrity gossip website, Sheen is being sued buy the credit card company for an outstanding balance of $287,879.28. This balance includes $8,357.69 just in late fees!

Gloria Allred Meets With Charlie Sheens Partners

Charlie Sheen Gloria AllredWell this news comes as no surprise…. Gloria Allred  who is know for taking high-profile and often controversial cases and  has been particularly involved with cases involving the protection of women’s rights is reportedly meeting with the women who claim they were Charlie Sheen‘s partners in sex and are now mulling over a lawsuit.

Allred told TMZ, “Since Charlie Sheen’s interview yesterday, I will now confirm that I have been contacted by women with reference to Charlie Sheen and their rights.”

Allred is obviously referring to his now-public HIV status. Although Charlie says he did not endanger or deceive anyone, some women beg to differ and have already contacted several lawyers.

Charlie Sheen Hospitalized After Eating Bad Clams

Charlie Sheen eats bad Clams Charlie Sheen reportedly ate something that didn’t agree with him Monday night…Bad Clams!

The former Two And A Half Men star had dinner [a seafood pasta dish] delivered to his house  and started “feeling sick” a few hours later.

Paramedics were called to his home after getting a call the actor had a bad case of food poisoning.  He was taken to a local hospital…treated for dehydration and released about 90 minutes later.

No worries…he’s fine!

Charlie Sheen’s Trip to Dentist Gets Crazy