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Ben Affleck Shows off his Ginormous Phoenix Tattoo in Hawaii

Ben Affleck Tattoo in Hawaii

Ben Affleck  was photo on the beach in Honolulu, Hawaii filming Triple Frontier.

The 45-year-old actor appears to have gone all out at the tattoo shop.  Affleck was sporting a enormous tattoo of a phoenix that covered his entire back, in addition to a pair of designs on each shoulder.

Ben Afflεck has a Girlfriend

Affleck took to the tide with actors Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund and Oscar Isaac toting lifeguard equipment, as the quartet trained for the Netflix movie.

United Airlines Diverts Plane due to their third dog Mishap this Week!

Uninted diverts flight to Akron

Another careless pet incident occurred on an United Airlines flight on Thursday.

Already under scrutiny about a dog dying in an overhead bin and another dog being accidentally sent to Japan, United Airlines on Friday acknowledged its third animal-related mistake in a week.

Eric and Wife Lara Trump Enjoy Rest and Relaxation in Aspen

Lara Trump Eric Trump Aspen

Eric and Lara Trump were spotted in Aspen on Friday … the same day that Donald Trump Jr.’s wife filed for divorce.

Vanessa Trump Files for Divorce

According to sources, the bright lights of White House Politics, the drama and all that comes with being in the public eye took it’s toll on the 12-year marriage between his older brother and wife Vanessa. The final straw that broke the camels back for Donald Jr.’s wife and mother of five was the envelope which contained a white powdery substance the received in the mail last week.

Irgo the German Shepherd has Landed Safe and Sound in Wichita Kansas VIDEO

Irgo Returns from Japan

IRGO the 10-year-old German Shepherd is back from Japan after a careless mix-up by United Airlines sent him out of the country instead of to his intended destination.

Watch Video Here

Owner Kara Swindle, 27, was yesterday reunited with her dog in Wichita, Kansas, two days after the airline sent her pooch across the world.