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The Demise of the SEC?? Say it isn’t so – It Isn’t!!

Ok, I am already in a bad mood and the season hasn’t even started. After watching cut ins on ESPN, the Kick Off shows, the Talking Heads, and other BS non sense, it seems like all they want to talk about is the demise of the SEC. Are you freaking kidding me?? The best conference in America, lead by the best coaches, with the best athletes, the best recruiting classes, and the most NFL draft picks. The biggest and best stadiums with the best fans and the best tailgating. Let’s see…A night game in Baton Rouge ( that starts at 7 AM ) or a wine a cheese party in Chapel Hill? A November 25th game in Columbia, SC where it is sunny and 78 degrees, or freezing temperatures, snow, and slop in Happy Valley? The worlds greatest outdoor cocktail party between Florida and Georgia or sipping champagne…in Champaign, Illinois? A bunch of tree huggers in the Northwest or a bunch of screaming fools yelling pig-pig soooie with rifles in their hands. Well, I may have to rethink that one???College Football Kickoff

This is supposed to be the year when all the BSC crap is finally over. Replace the computers with humans and everything will be fixed. Well, we are not getting off to a good start. The SEC may be the most balanced league ever and because of that, they may have a 2 loss champion. All the so called experts want to see this. In that scenario, no one from the powerful SEC could have a team in the 4 team playoff. What a joke that would be.

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Former EMU Football Star Serial Rape Charges

Daniel Ken Holtzclaw, a Oklahoma City police officer and former linebacker at Eastern Michigan University football standout from 2005 to 2008 was arrested Thursday afternoon.

Officer Daniel Holtzclaw  ArrestedHoltzclaw, 27, has been charged after being accused of committing a series of sexual assaults against at least six women from February 2014 through June 2014 while serving as an on-duty officer.

He is being held  in the Oklahoma County Jail on $5 million bond.

Statement made by Oklahoma City Chief of Police Bill Citty said during a Thursday evening press conference:

“We received a complaint and also uncovered a number of other individuals, females, that had experienced the same thing with this officer.”

“All his victims were black females and they range in the ages of 34 to 58. Right now I’ve identified seven (women), six of whom we’ve received statements from and one we’re still attempting to get statements from. So you have seven total over a period of five or six months.”

“The types of acts committed were anywhere from just requiring the females expose themselves, to fondling the females, and…actual intercourse,” Citty said.

“About three of the victims were asked or required to perform oral sodomy on this officer.”

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Sport Shorts – What the hell is going on here?

Typically, this is a down time in the world of sports. The NBA is finally over, most of golf’s majors are done, the chance of a triple crown winner has once again vanquished, and we as a nation are desperately waiting for the upcoming football season. Usually, the only thing that keeps our sporting interest this time of the year are a few MLB pennant races. But lately there have been several intriguing stories to occupy our time.

sports news and UpdatesThe NBA had has it’s share of headline news the past few months. The Sterling nightmare is a soap opera/black eye for the league and just won’t go away. Please Donald, sign the sale papers and go to some nursing home where you belong! The summer of big name player movement perked our interest for the last few months. Melo did his dog and pony show only to remain in the Big Apple. I thought it was about winning for him? Let’s be real. The only thing that matters to 99.9% of all players is the check! Stay in NY where it is all about you. ‘Bron toyed with the media for months and finally said adios to the fun in the sun to return home to sunny, warm, rich, titletown…..CLEVELAND! OK, he has a sense for family, home, and giving back to his community. I admire that. He has his rings now and the thought of winning an NBA title in C Town will certainly add to his legacy. Even if he does win an NBA title there, he will still be behind MJ…SORRY! Cleveland is in the midst of making a huge move by shipping off their #1 pick this year, their #1 pick from last year, and possibly their #1 pick in ’15 or ’16 to bring in Kevin Love. With LeBron, Irving, Love, and a mix of other off season free agent pick ups, Cleveland has gone from the outhouse to the penthouse in just a few months!

Staying with the NBA, I can’t believe Kevin Durant walked away from Team USA citing being tired and worn out. Was he afraid of being injured like team mate Paul George? Look, these guys play year round, they have to so they can stay in shape. The chances of getting hurt on the playground is much higher there than on the court with world class athletes. This just smells like the build up of his summer of 2016 dog and pony show whens he becomes a free agent and the world will be kissing his…..I want to go home….to Washington for a BRINKS truck full of $$$$!

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College Football 2014 – Ranking The Conferences

Count down to College Football…….

2014 College FootballAs we are getting closer and closer to the best day of the year in all of sports, August 28, when the 2014 college football season kicks off in Columbia, South Carolina, I started thinking about the power conferences and how they stack up against each other. It’s easy to just rank the conferences, so I ranked the divisions as well as the conferences into one TOP 10 ranking. The SEC has ruled college football for the last, I don’t know, 7 to 30 years and there won’t be any change in that domination anytime soon. Oh sure, the PAC 12 has some formidable teams, the BIG 10 hopes to regain their past glory, the BIG 12 dreams of past Wishbone run dominating teams, and the ACC ( the Little Brother of the SEC ) thinks that 1 BCS National Championship will vault them past the SEC. Just one look at this years Top 10 ( depending on which publication you read ) and you will see 3 or 4 teams from the SEC in there. As everyone knows, getting through their brutal schedule as they beat each other up week after week, is tougher than winning the National Championship. Just look at Saban, I think he has won more National Championships than he has SEC titles! So, with all that said, let’s get to my TOP 10 rankings!

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