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College Football 2014…Recapping Week 8…The Convicts Escape!

College Football Week 2

So often we have, on paper at least, great match ups between 2 powerful teams. The hype and build up during the week is almost non-stop and the game turns out to be a dud or a blowout.

Football QuoteThe potential was there once again as the Fighting Irish and Florida State Seminoles met for a #2 versus a #5 battle to see who stays in the playoff hunt and who may exit the race. It not only lived up the billing but exceeded it! No doubt, it is an ESPN Classic. Let’s be honest, you either LOVE ND or you HATE ND, there is no middle ground. I talked with so many ND haters this week and to a person, they were all pulling for the Irish. Everyone is so sick and tired of the garbage surrounding FSU’s QB situation. If you or I were accused of sexual misconduct, stealing crab legs, getting paid for autograph signings, or violating the schools conduct policy, we would be locked up and never see the light of day again! Apparently, not at FSU and especially if your name is Jameis Winston.

College Football 2014…Recapping Week 7…No Gurley, No Problem!

After last weeks tumultuous weekend, did you ever think it could get any zanier?

Although Week 7 didn’t have the volume of upsets, there was still a lot of movement in the Top 25 and a handful of upsets, near upsets, and wild finishes. Made field goals at the buzzer, missed field goals at the buzzer, questionable calls late in the games, dropped passes in the end zone (that would have won games), bone jarring hits, and a big sigh of relief for others.

College Football News

Sadly, the week was marred by legal problems. It all started with Florida QB Treon Harris being accused of sexual assault after the Gators big win in Tennessee. Since then, the charges have been dropped and Harris will likely be the starting QB the next time Florida takes the field.

Katy Perry Trevor Knight’s Brother Says Call Me!

Tyler Knight….Single, Call Me Katy!

Tyler Knight Call Me Katy PerryKaty Perry may not score a touchdown with her quarterback crush Trevor Knight….but when push comes to shove….his older brother Tyler has no problem being a rebound off the goal post.

Perry made it known yesterday on ESPN’s College Gameday Show yesterday at Ole Miss….that she has a   “thing”  for the Sooners quarterback.  Unfortunately….he’s taken.    He has a twin brother Connor…Unfortunately, he’s taken too…..However…there’s Tyler!  Fortunately…he’s single and has no problem playing second string receiver and is willing to catch any sparks that the “Fireworks” singer might throw in his brothers direction !

Tyler, 23,  openly admits that he’s the “black sheep” of the family and  since Perry sings  about “Dark Horses”  this may be her chance to “Roar, Unconditionally” with “One of the boys.”  He might not be her “Teenage Dream” but he can be her Knight in Shining Armor.” and when they reach their “Double Rainbow,”  she can rest assure that they she will no longer have to say “I kissed a girl and I liked it!”

At the end of the day…it will be Trevor standing into the end zone singing “The One that Got Away.”

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College Football 2014-Recapping Week 6-“Shake Up Saturday”

NCAA Map College FootballThe one thing you can count on every year in college football is that there is one Saturday (and you never know which one it will be) when there is a major weekend of upsets.

Well, we just witnessed possible the biggest week of upsets in the history of college football. Like those famous song lyrics say, ” another one bites the dust, and another one, and another one”. Well in this case we can go on and on with another one, and another one, and another one, and another one!!! Final Four dreams for Oregon, Alabama, Oklahoma, UCLA, Texas A&M, USC, Nebraska, and LSU were possibly dashed yesterday while teams like Auburn, Baylor, Notre Dame, Mississippi, and Mississippi State got the breaks they were looking for.

In a blink of an eye, we have gone from FSU, Alabama, Oregon, and Oklahoma being in the Final Four to FSU, Baylor, Auburn, and Notre Dame playing for the all of the marbles. Guess what? We will be saying the same thing next week when it is going to happen again!

The greatest conference in the country (the SEC) with the greatest division in the land (the SEC West) have to play each other and unfortunately, knock each other out of the playoff picture. The PAC 12, BIG 12, and the BIG 10 have got to love that scenario!

College Football 2013…Week 5 Recap