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Lindsay Lohan Wins “Biggest Comeback Award”

The award goes to….Lindsay Lohan!  Say what…Oh no she didn’t…Oh yes she did.

Lindsay Lohan Comeback AwardTroubled actress Lindsay Lohan has heard those words before, however, rarely have they been directed towards her….

On Tuesday, Lohan was honored with the “BIGGEST COMEBACK” Award at the Ischia Global Film & Music Fest.

Believe it or not, Lohan, known for being unreliable was even present to accept her award.  She was sober and gave a brief acceptance speech.

Lindsay Lohan Trivia

As for what they consider a comeback for Lindsay “La Viva Lohan“…we don’t know…with her it good be several things, a rehab comeback, a jail comeback or a bar comeback.  Oh well…. the important thing is that she “cameback.”

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