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Backstreet Boys Concert Cancelled Structure Collapses in Oklahoma

Structure Collaspes Backstreet Boys

At least 14 fans attending a Backstreet Boys concert in Thackerville, Oklahoma were injured when a structure collapse as a result of bad weather.

The Backstreet boys concert was held at the  outdoor pavilion  at the WinStar World Casino and Resort when mother nature blew in reaping havoc on the venue.

Simon Cowell’s is Cleared for Takeoff

The staff had began evacuating fans in the venue after lightning was spotted.  The area was pounded by heavy rain and winds as strong as 80 mph.

Julie Chen Fears Job Continues to Stands by her Man Les Moonves

Les Moonves CBS JulieChen

Will allegations against Les Moonves cost Julie Chen her Job?

Julie Chen is reportedly very concerned about her television career and fears that her future with CBS may be in jeopardy and she has her husband Les Moonves to thank for that!

Chen’s concerns stem from the recent sexual harassment claims made against Les Mooves, her husband of 14-years.

In case you didn’t know, Moonves just so happens to be President-CEO of CBS and a prominent voice in the #MeeToo movement. Chen is a co-host on the daytime series The Talk, host of the popular reality series “Big Brother,” both of which are produced by the CBS network.

Horizon Airlines Ground Crew Employee Steals and Crashes Plane

Horizon Airlines Employee A Horizon airlines employee, identified as Richard Russell, stole a plane in Washington state and crashed in Puget Sound after being chased by F-15 fighter jets late Friday.

Now there are questions linger as to how he was able to do it and what security measures are in place to respond to these types of situations.

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The Federal Aviation Administration reported that stolen plane was a Bombardier Q-400

Mr. Russell had worked for Horizon for three and a half years, and was responsible for handling luggage and cargo and for towing aircraft. He had worked his shift on Friday before he took off from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport at around 7:30 p.m. PT (10:30 p.m. ET) on Friday and crashed about an hour later, officials said.

Relationship Ends Thanks to Jimmy John’s Delivery Boy

Jimmy John's Delivery Man Reveals Cheating Boyfriend

Kayla Speer, 23, of West Burlington, Iowa, wanted to surprise her long-distance boyfriend of three months with a Jimmy John’s sandwich delivered to him while he was ‘studying’.

Unfortunately, it was she who got a totally unexpected surprised which was more than she bargained.

Cardi B Donates $8000.00 to Slain Teen’s Family via GoFundMe

Cardi B Lesandro “Junior” Guzman-Feliz
Rapper, Cardi B has donated $8,000 to a Gofundme account setup for the mourning family of the Bronx boy who was brutally murdered with a machete after gang members mistook him for a man in an online sex tape.

After Junior’s story made headlines and video of the harrowing killing was published online, Bronx-born and raised rapper Cardi B donated thousands to Junior’s GoFundMe account. The account has raised more than $127,000 thus far.