Video Must Sees May 2016

VIDEO: Sports Guy Insults News Anchor Catherine Heenan

Longtime KRON sports guy Gary Radnich gave longtime news anchor Catherine Heenan grief for reading a story that involved sports before he could get to it.

On May 2, Radnich started to read a story about LeBron James starring in Space Jam, but got stuck on the fact Heenan had already done the story.

“How long we been friends? 23 years,” Radnich said to Heenan.

“I didn’t know you were going to do it,” Heenan replied.

Radnich asked Heenan about Steph Curry’s knee then basically ripped her for reporting sports even though he said “she’s stayed at my mother’s home.” At one point he said he stayed in his lane and didn’t report news, inferring she should follow suit..

“Hard to be mad at Catherine,” said Radnich. “She’s a good friend of my moms.”

Saturday, Radnich tried to explain. “Wow! I must be a good actor,” he wrote on Facebook. “All this feedback from people who thought I was mad. Please watch again. I’m playing!”

Note:  Gary Radnich is a sports anchor for KRON in San Francisco

VIDEO: Man Deep Fries Water

VIDEO West Point Cadet Texting During March

WEST POINT GRADUATION VIDEO GOES VIRAL – A Facebook video showing the graduating class of the United States Military Academy’s class of 2016 has gone viral, though for perhaps the wrong reasons. The post has attracted many commentators who point out that one student appears to be texting on her phone, while others are not wearing matching uniforms or marching in step.

 VIDEO: Meteor in Mexico, Mystery Solved

A flash accompanied by a crash this morning was recorded in central Mexico at around 1:45 AM, said SkyAlert, which attributed the phenomenon to a possible “fireball or meteor”, but authorities with civil protection warned that so far the causes are unknown.

SkyAlert, an unofficial warning seismic platform, and volcanic and atmospheric phenomena, said through the Twitter network around 01.47 local time (06.47 GMT), “a light was seen and explosion heard,” adding that reports came from Puebla, Mexico City, State of Mexico and Tlaxcala.

“It is very likely that the explosion of the ‘bolide, or meteor’ occurred during its entry into Earth’s atmosphere. No affectations is reported, so it is also likely that it didn’t hit land,” said SkyAlert said.

The Astronomical Society of Puebla stated that “several witnesses speak of a green and white light in the sky, and then an explosion was heard.”

“The explosion does not mean it has impacted on the ground, could explode in the atmosphere,” explained civil association, adding that “is called ‘Meteor’ when it impacts on the ground; if only skims the atmosphere is ‘bolide’ or ‘meteor’ “.

Video Source:  Youtube

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