Tila Tequila Kicked off Celebrity Big Brother

Tila Tequila has just gotten the ax from the “Celebrity Big Brother” house after just one day.

Tila Tequila Reality StarTila, who first gained fame on her bisexual-themed dating show, got the boot after producers discovered in December 2013, she sparked outrage when she photo shopped a picture of herself standing in front of Auschwitz concentration camp in a SS uniform cap and red swastika armband.

Shooter Vester Flanagan was a Former WDBJ7 Employee


Gunman Vester Flanagan worked at WDBJ7 Before he was fired.

Details about the disturbed gunman, who killed journalists Alison Parker,  and Adam Ward on Wednesday continue to surface.

Ward, 27 and co-worker Alison Parker, 24, were shot and killed during a live broadcast from Smith Mountain Lake for CBS affiliate WDBJ7 in Roanoke, Va.

Justin Bieber Lookalike Toby Sheldon found Dead

Justin Bieber and Toby Sheldon

Body of reality star, Toby Sheldon, whose legal  name is Tobias Strebel, found dead.

Botched star, Toby Sheldon, who became somewhat famous for spending mega bucks to lookalike Justin Bieber, was found in a Motel 6 in the San Fernando Valley on August 21.

Woman Missing for 21-years found in South Carolina

Toby, whose legal name is Tobias Strebel had  been missing since August 18.

Law enforcement officials reportedly found drugs in the room.

Derrick Rose Sued by Woman Claiming Rape

Derreck Rose Bulls

Derrick Rose is being accused of drugging and gang raping ex-girlfriend.

NBA star Derrick Rose is being sued by a woman who claims that the Chicago Bulls point guard and two of his friends drugged and raped her.

The unidentified woman who claims she dated Rose from 2011 to 2013…alleges that throughout the relationship, Rose allegedly tried to pressure her to masturbate in front of him, allow him to have sex with her friends and engage in group sex with strangers, all of which she says she refused.

Donald Trump has Univision Meltdown in Iowa

Donald Trump continued his media war with Univision in Iowa on Tuesday.

Trump Univision MeltdownDonald Trump issues with Univision:

  • Univision’s Jorge Ramos spoke out of turn at conference in Dubuque, Iowa.
  • Trump told journalist: ‘Sit down, you weren’t called… Go back to Univision.’
  • Security escorted Ramos from the room but he was allowed to return.
  • Trump took his questions about immigration policy and ‘anchor babies.’
  • Univision didn’t show Miss USA pageant after comments about Mexicans.
  • Trump previously banned Univision staff from Trump National Doral Miami.
  • Said ‘anyone who wants strong borders’ should boycott network in protest.
  • Previously published note showing personal phone number of Ramos.

Univision Communications Inc’s Jorge Ramos was in attendance.

According to sources, Trump began addressing reporters in Dubuque, Iowa, and he tried to ask a question the Republican felt was out of order.

Trump told the Mexican-American journalist: ‘Sit down, you weren’t called. Go back to Univision.’

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