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Sons of Anarchy Creator Hospitalized Emergency Appendectomy

“Sons of Anarchy” creator, Kurt Sutter was rushed to an L.A. medical facility today where he underwent an Kurt Sutter Sons of Anarchyemergency appendectomy.

FX, the network that airs the show has reported that his illness won’t effect filming.

According to sources, Sutter is resting comfortably!   We wish him Well!

Kurt Sutter Trivia:

  • Brother-in-law of Jean Sagal, Liz Sagal, David Sagal and Joey Sagal.
  • Kurt suffers from Pediophobia – a fear of dolls.
  • Son-in-law of Boris Sagal and Sara Macon.
  • Kurt Sutter os the third husband of Katey Sagal.
  • Stepfather of Sarah Grace White (born August 7, 1994) and Jackson James White (born March 1, 1996); His wife’s children from a previous marriage.
  • Has a daughter, Esme Louise Sutter (born January 10, 2007), with his wife, Katey Sagal. Esme was born via surrogate.
  • Appeared (unaccredited) in an episode of Married with Children (season 9 episode 13) as a mugger.

Mama June’s Boyfriend Places Message on Front Door

Mark McDaniel Post Message on his Front Door

Mama June’s sex offender boyfriend has nothing to say and he would appreciate it if everyone would leave him alone.

Mark McDaniel, who has been in the tabloid headlines after reportedly rekindling an old flame with  the   “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”  reality television mom, posted a sign on his door which “Private Property. No Trepass. No Comment.


  • June Shannon, 35, is said to have been in a relationship with this man before his sentencing, back in 2004.
  • The man was released from prison this past March after serving 10 years for aggravated molestation conducted upon an eight-year-old.
  • June Shannon has been investigated upon the suspicion of child abuse. Shortly after Here Comes Honey Boo Boo‘s debut in 2012, she and former partner Sugar Bear (the father of the show’s star, Alana Thompson) were accused of said abuse due to them having voluntarily given their youngest daughter Go Go juice, a liquid concoction comprised of Red Bull and 7-Up.

Mama June has Honey Boo Boo Around Sexual Offender

Former Reality T.V. star “Mama June” is even more of a scumbag than we thought….She’s a lying scumbag!

Mama June BoyfriendLast week the news broke that June Shannon, who starred on TLC’s reality series “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” is seeing her former boyfriend Mark McDaniel…a registered sex offender.

McDaniel was released in March after serving 10 years behind bars for molesting (forcing oral sex) on an 8-year-old girl.  The victim was June’s own daughter Anna who is now 20-years-old.

According to sources… “Mama June:  has been exposing her young daughter 9-year-old  Alana “Honey Boo Boo,”  to the worthless piece of crap child molester.

Despite “Mama June’s” previous attempts to deny allegations…photos clearly paint a clear picture of her involvement with McDaniel!

TMZ.com, has shared photos of “Mama June” and the child predator, in a hotel room, the car she allegedly bought McDaniel, the two of them house hunting.   The most recent one to surface is of  Mama June, sliding on her big fat wide a** down a flight of stairs.  Honey Boo Boo and the child rapist  are behind her.  He  appears to be making physical contact with the 9-year-old.

TLC announced that they are cancelling the reality series…however…it also raises the question about the welfare of  Honey Boo Boo.


UPDATES:  The Child Services Support division of the Georgia Department of Human Services (GDHS) became aware of the circumstances via such media outlets as the aforementioned TMZ, and have since decided to investigate further. It is reported that the McIntyre Sheriff’s Department has also been alerted of the news, and will look into the matter as they see fit. Sources state that appropriate law enforcement is taking the possibility of Shannon’s involvement with said child molester (Mark McDaniel) extremely seriously, as she has three daughters living with her that are still minors.

College Football 2014-Recapping Week 9…And Then There Were 3, Really Only 2

Sure, there are 3 undefeated teams still in the hunt, but can we really count Marshall? We are now down to 2 – #1 Mississippi State and #2 FSU that matter is the grand scheme of playoff contention. I’m not cracking on Marshall, but they don’t have the schedule, nor do they play a non conference schedule that would help boost them in the playoff picture. Sorry! The real dilemma becomes with the 17 one loss teams! The good news is that so many of these 1 loss teams have to play each other down the stretch and the committee may not have as tough a time with their selections as you may think. On Tuesday night the committee will release their first Top 25 power ranking. The top 4 at this point is a no brainer – Mississippi State, FSU, Alabama, and Auburn. Guess what? Alabama has to play MSU and Auburn. Mississippi State has ‘Bama and Mississippi left to play. Auburn has Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama coming up. They could all beat up on each other and open the door for Notre Dame and Oregon. Or ND could lose to Arizona State and USC and open the door for TCU and Michigan State. And Oregon could lose to Stanford and Utah which could bring Georgia in the fold. And Michigan State could lose to Ohio State and let Kansas State sneak in. Or TCU could lose to West Virginia and Kansas State and now a 2 loss team from the SEC West gets back in the picture! The possibilities are endless at this point – let’s just watch it all unfold and enjoy the wackiest year ever.

Last week I said this was going to be a “chalk” week – a week in which all the favorites win. Close but no cigar! Those dang Tigers down in Baton Rouge spoiled the party and made Les Miles look like a genius ( which we know he is not ) again by upsetting #3 Mississippi. A night game in Baton Rouge…A game in which LSU has no chance…Final score – LSU 10 and Mississippi 7. Good Bye Mississippi, thank you for playing! I predicted Utah to beat USC…and they did! There was one hell of a game on the plains last night as Auburn withstood everything South Carolina threw at them and they hung on for a 42-35 win. SC had their chances but 2 interceptions in the end zone cost the Gamecocks. Mississippi State kept their perfect season in tact with a hard fought win at Kentucky 45-31. Michigan State rips arch rival Michigan 35-11 to keep their faint Final Four hope alive. Oregon, getting back on track and looking the Ducks of old, put 59 points on Cal…but gave up 41. How about those 82 freaking points TCU threw on Texas Tech. The Big 12 is going to be fun in the next few weeks. Keep an eye on the WILD, WILD WEST! Ohio State goes to Happy Valley and needs 2 OT’s to nip Penn State. K State slams Texas 23-0. What if they had beaten Auburn? Would Kansas State be sitting at #1 or #2? UCLA needing 2 OT’s to beat hapless Colorado? Who is better…the 2 Arizona schools or the 2 Mississippi schools? And West Virginia keeps winning and will continue to spoil someone’s season. No news from FSU, ND, Georgia, or Duke – all byes this week.

THIS AND THAT…When are the Cornshuckers going to lose?? For 6 straight years they have been a 4 loss team under Bo. They are now 7-1 and I am beginning to worry! Are we on track for another Duke – FSU ACC Championship game? Seriously, Duke in the title game for the second year in a row? There has to be an investigation in Durham – this can’t be happening. Who does Coach Cut think he is…Steve Spurrier? Congrats to the entire Blue Devil family! Did you see those disgusting uniforms that Illinois wore yesterday? I guess when you are as irrelevant as they are, it doesn’t matter what you wear…but they did upset previous 1 loss Minnesota…and they stayed at a Holiday Inn Express over the weekend. In an era of wide open offenses, no huddle offenses, ridiculous passing statistics, and little to no “D” being played, some of the top players in the country are running backs. Think about the gaudy numbers that Todd Gurley ( Georgia ), Melvin Gordon ( Wisconsin ), Ameer Abdullah ( Nebraska ), David Cobb ( Minnesota ), Mike Davis ( South Carolina ), Leonard Fournette ( LSU ), and TJ Yeldon ( Alabama ) are putting up. Like Gene Stallings of Alabama once said ” you want to know how to win football games? Run the ball”. “You want to know how to win football games? You stop the run”. HEISMAN UPDATE…Dak Prescott ( QB Mississippi State ), Marcus Mariota ( QB Oregon ), Ameer Abdullah ( RB Nebraska ), Amari Cooper ( WR Alabama ), and Melvin Gordon ( RB Wisconsin ).

A To Z TOP 25:

  1. Mississippi State 7-0
  2. FSU 7-0
  3. Alabama 7-1
  4. Auburn 6-1
  5. Notre Dame 6-1
  6. Oregon 7-1
  7. Michigan State 6-1
  8. Georgia 6-1
  9. Mississippi 7-1
  10. TCU 6-1
  11. Kansas State 6-1
  12. Ohio State 6-1
  13. Baylor 6-1
  14. Arizona 6-1
  15. Arizona State 6-1
  16. Nebraska 7-1
  17. ECU 6-1
  18. Oklahoma 5-2
  19. Utah 6-1
  20. LSU 7-2
  21. Clemson 6-2
  22. Duke 6-1
  23. Marshall 8-0
  24. West Virginia 6-2
  25. TIE UCLA 6-2, Louisville 6-2, Boise State 6-2, Georgia Tech 6-2


  • NR Arkansas @ #1 Mississippi State
  • #2 FSU @ #25 Louisville
  • #4 Auburn @ #9 Mississippi
  • #5 Notre Dame @ NR Navy
  • NR Stanford @ #6 Oregon
  • NR Florida vs. #8 Georgia
  • #10 TCU @ #24 West Virginia
  • NR Oklahoma State @ #11 Kansas State
  • NR Illinois @ #12 Ohio State
  • NR Kansas @ #13 Baylor
  • #14 Arizona @ #25 UCLA
  • #19 Utah @ #15 Arizona State
  • NR Purdue @ #16 Nebraska
  • #17 ECU @ NR Temple
  • #18 Oklahoma @ NR Iowa State
  • #22 Duke @ NR Pittsburgh
  • NR Virginia @ #25 Georgia Tech

No doubt, this will be another “Shake Up Saturday”.  FSU has a lock on the Final Four. But if Bobby Petrino can pull a “Les Miles” out of his “Hat” and upset the Seminoles on Thursday night, the Top 10 will be rocked! #4 Auburn could go down, #10 TCU could go down. Arkansas will pound you with a punishing ground game – could they upset #1 Mississippi State? #14 Arizona could get beat by #25 UCLA and #15 Arizona State could lose to #19 Utah. As I write this story next Sunday, the Top 5 could be…#1 Alabama, #2 Notre Dame, #3 Oregon, #4 Georgia, and #5 Kansas State! Call the doctor…I think I’m gonna crash!!!

Posted By A To Z On Sports