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Kim Kardashian had a Craving for Taco Bell

 Kim Kardashian Taco Bell Drive Thru

Kim Kardashian is packing bootylicious Mexican style  “junk in her trunk!”

Taco Bell LogoThe reality television star was seen making her way through the Taco Bell drive thru in Calabasas.

As for what she ordered…who knows…however, I bet if you as her rapper husband Kayne..he would say it’s NACHO business!

Think Outside the Bun

 More Photos Here Kim’s Packed Trunk

Kim Kardashian Trivia

Ebola Victims Fiancée Will be Released from Quarantine

Louise Troh, the 54-year-old Texas woman who endured 21 days of isolation after her Liberian Fiancée contracted the deadly Ebola virus, will finally have her freedom again.

The quarantine period, which she described as “prison-like conditions” will end at  midnight tonight.  She will Louise Troh Quarantine then be allowed to assume daily activities outside her apartment where she and three members of her family, including her daughter Youngor Jallah  and Jallah’s her partner Aaron Yah has been confined to during the her mandatory lock down.

Her Fiancée, Thomas Eric Duncan, became the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States.  Duncan, who had flown to Dallas from Liberia, was turned away from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital on a first visit and admitted later.  He died on Oct. 8.

Nurse May Have Infected Others

Troh’s return to freedom is bittersweet….she has loss a loved one and all her possessions which had to be  destroyed amid fears that they could spread Ebola even further.   She was able to keep a few personal documents, photographs and her Bible.

Troh issued a statement in which she said “We are so happy this is coming to an end, and we are so grateful that none of us has shown any sign of illness,”

“Our happiness is mixed with sadness at the same time,” she said. “We continue to mourn his (Duncan) loss and grieve the circumstances that led to his death, just at the time we thought we were facing a happy future together.”

College Football 2014…Recapping Week 8…The Convicts Escape!

College Football Week 2

So often we have, on paper at least, great match ups between 2 powerful teams. The hype and build up during the week is almost non-stop and the game turns out to be a dud or a blowout.

Football QuoteThe potential was there once again as the Fighting Irish and Florida State Seminoles met for a #2 versus a #5 battle to see who stays in the playoff hunt and who may exit the race. It not only lived up the billing but exceeded it! No doubt, it is an ESPN Classic. Let’s be honest, you either LOVE ND or you HATE ND, there is no middle ground. I talked with so many ND haters this week and to a person, they were all pulling for the Irish. Everyone is so sick and tired of the garbage surrounding FSU’s QB situation. If you or I were accused of sexual misconduct, stealing crab legs, getting paid for autograph signings, or violating the schools conduct policy, we would be locked up and never see the light of day again! Apparently, not at FSU and especially if your name is Jameis Winston.

UVA Student Hannah Graham Update

Human remains were found in a wooded area around an abandoned property along Old Lynchburg Road near Walnut Creek Park Virginia in South Albermarle County.

Hannah Graham PhotoThe location is reportedly 10 miles from where  Hannah Graham  was last seen on September 13.

The body has not yet been identified, but police have called off all other efforts to track down 18-year-old college student.

missing-college-studentThe remote spot, in Albemarle County, is close to the area where suspect Jesse Matthew  grew up, and the home where his mother used to live.

Hannah and Matthew were seen together on the night she vanished. Hannah had earlier been at an off-campus party, and was seen on a surveillance camera around 1am.

Jesse Matthew, 32, is being held on a charge of abducting Graham with the intent to sexually assault her.

Stephen Collins Criminal AllegationsVirginia State Police say his arrest provides a “new forensic link” in the unsolved 2009 murder of college student Morgan Harrington in Charlottesville. That murder has previously been linked to a sexual assault in 2005 on a quiet street in a Virginia suburb of Washington, D.C.

Search for Missing Toddlers Continues

Jesse Matthew Being Held without Bond