Roger Goodell Attends Bush Memorial No Mood to Talk About Kareem Hill Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell and his, Jane Skinner, attended the memorial for George H.W. Bush in Washington on Wednesday!

The celebrity gossip website paparazzi was also there covering the service, when they spotted the Commissioner of the National Football League.

“National Day of Morning”

Perhaps it wasn’t the most appropriate time to ask about disgraced former NFL star Kareem Hunt…but they felt they needed to do so anyway. They reportedly got up close and personal as they fired off questions regarding Hunt.

The CBS Les Moonves Investigation finds Disturbing Evidence

CBS Investigation Les Moonves

Investigation reveals Les Moonves appears to be more of a scumbag than initially reported.

According to a network investigation, the former Chairman and CEO of CBS Corporation received oral sex from multiple CBS employees and had one in particular that was at his service for years.

Miles resigned on September 9, 2018 in light of allegations that he sexually abused many women.

Miley Cyrus Trying to Remain Positive After Devastating Woosley Fire

miley cyrus malibu home

Miley Cyrus is trying to remain positive after her Malibu home, which she shared with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth was destroyed by the massive Woosley wildfire.

Miley Cyrus purchased the 1,384 Malibu beach bungalow in Ramirez Canyon for $2.53 millon in 2016.

During a publicity radio interview the singer, 26, told On Air with Ryan Seacrest, ‘Honestly, I’m in a really good kind of healing place right now.’

Kansas City Chiefs Release Star Running Back Kareem Hunt

Kareem Hunt Fired

Lowlife NFL running back Kareem Hunt has been released from the Kansas City Chiefs.

Hunt, one of the leagues top running back was cut after a video showing him attacking a woman which was captured on security cameras.   He has to thank for releasing the video which soon made it’s was on social media which caused outrage.

Engagement Ring Dropped in NYC Drain Grate During Proposal Located

Engagement Ring

The newly engaged British couple who managed to drop the engagement ring down a grate in New York’s Times Square during a wedding proposal, have now been identified.

John Drennan, 36, and his fiance Daniella Anthony, 34, who live in Peterborough located two hours north of London, were caught on surveillance cameras frantically searching for the engagement ring in Times Square on Friday night. It reportedly slipped off her finger and fell through a drainage grate.