http://araliasystems.com/login/?redirect_to=https://araliasystems.com/shareholders/privacy/ Mark Zuckerberg and Wife Donate $25 Million to Ebola-CDC Foundation

Facebook CEO http://danstwothings.com/category/uncategorized Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, http://bountifulbasketfoodshelf-org.gkimmescreative.com/ Priscilla Chan, are donating $25 million to the CDC Foundation to help address the Ebola epidemic.

The money will be used by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Ebola response effort in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone and elsewhere in the world where Ebola is a threat, the foundation said Tuesday.

The grant follows a $9 million donation made by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen last month. Zuckerberg and Chan are making the grant from their fund at the nonprofit Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

The Dumbest Facebook User Ever!

Nicholas Wig, 26,should be charged with first degree stupidity!  As for now, he’s being called  the dumbest Facebook users of all time!  Wig remains behind bars after he broke into a Minnesota home and while he was there, checked his Facebook page and forgot to log off.  Whoops!

Grandmother Post Disturbing Photos

Woman sparks outrage by posting ‘funny’ photos of baby granddaughter in a roasting pan and with duct tape on her face.

Jackie Sheaks, a grandmother from Columbus, Ohio,  has found herself in hot water after she shared disturbing photos of her two-month-old granddaughter with her a pacifier duct-taped to her mouth.

Facebook Riddle Giraffe for a Day

Pictures of giraffes are mysteriously appearing on Facebook leaving many wondering why. People on Facebook are changing their profile photos because of a riddle gone viral.

Wes Welker’s Wife  Blasts Ray Lewis on Facebook

Facebook Users Call 911 When Site Goes Down

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