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Donald Sterling Gets Slam Dunked by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Nate Archibald
Paul Arizin
Charles Barkley
Rick Barry
Elgin Baylor
Dave Bing
Larry Bird
Wilt Chamberlain
Bob Cousy
Dave Cowens
Billy Cunningham
Dave DeBusschere
Clyde Drexler
Julius Erving
Patrick Ewing
Walt Frazier
George Gervin
Hal Greer
John Havlicek
Elvin Hayes
Magic Johnson
Sam Jones
Michael Jordan
Jerry Lucas
Karl Malone
Moses Malone
Pete Maravich
Kevin McHale
George Mikan
Earl Monroe
Hakeem Olajuwon
Shaquille O’Neal
Robert Parish
Bob Pettit
Scottie Pippen
Willis Reed
Oscar Robertson
David Robinson
Bill Russell
Dolph Schayes
Bill Sharman
John Stockton
Isiah Thomas
Nate Thurmond
Wes Unseld
Bill Walton
Jerry West
Lenny Wilkens
James Worthy

Take the NBA Quiz
1. Who won the NBA title in 2010?
2. Who won the title in 2009?
3. What was the last team from the Eastern division to win the title?
4. Who is the All time leading Scorer in NBA history?
5. Who is the All time leader in rebounds?
6. Who scored the most points in a game and how many?
7. Who averaged the most points in a game through a season and how many?
8. Who is the All time assist leader and how many?
9. Who is the leader in team titles and how many?
10. How many titles have the Utah Jazz won?
11. What city was the Lakers in before going to Los Angeles?
12. What was the name of the Philadelphia 76ers before they came to Philadelphia and what city did they come from?
13. The Atlanta Hawks moved to Atlanta from what city?
14. Which team won the first NBA title and what year?
15. What year did Boston win their first title?
16. True or False. Pete Maravich made the top 50 NBA players of all time?
17. True or False. Jo Jo White made the top 50 NBA players of all time?
18. Who has the highest winning percentage as a coach in the NBA?
19. The NBA logo is patterned after what player?
20. Who was the scoring leader in points per game in 2009-10?
21. Who was the leader in rebounds per game during the 2009-10 season?
22. The largest crowd to see an NBA game was how many?
23. What is the most points scored in an NBA game and by what team?
24. What is the least amount of points scored by one team in a game and what team?
25. Who has the most MVP titles and how many?

(1.)Lakers (2.) Lakers (3.) Celtics (4.) Kareem Abdul Jabbar (5.) Wilt Chamberlain 100 (6.) Wilt Chamberlain 50.1 (7.)Wilt Chamberlain 23,924 (8)John Stockton 15,806 (9) Boston 17 (10) none (11) Minneapolis (12) Syracuse Nationals (13) St. Louis (14) Philadelphia Warriors 1947 (15) 1957 (16) T (17) F (18) Phil Jackson (19) Jerry West (20) Kevin Durant (21) Dwight Howard (22) 61,000 (23) 185 Detroit Pistons (24) 49 Chicago Bulls
(25) Kareem Abdul Jabbar 6

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