Amy Purdy Trivia

Amy Purdy was a competitive snowboarder for 5 years and an aspiring actress. In 1999 she contracted an illness that threatened her life, She survived but at a cost: she walked out of the hospital with prosthetic legs, her father also donated a kidney to her. She has returned to her love of snowboarding, competing in and placing in competitions, and with a passion for acting, no doubt we will be seeing more of her.

Amy Purdy Trivia:

  • Amy Purdy TriviaCo-founder of Adaptive Action Sports and spokesperson for the Challenged Athletes Foundation.
  • Purdy began snowboarding seven months after she received her leg prosthetics.
  • In 2012, Purdy and her partner Daniel Gale participated on the 21st season of The Amazing Race. They were the second team eliminated and finished in 10th place out of 11 teams.
  • Purdy is a contestant on the 18th season of Dancing with the Stars paired with 5-time champion Derek Hough.
  • In 2005, Purdy made her film debut in What’s Buggin Seth, a movie by Eli Steele.
  • In May 2011, Amy was also featured in a well-regarded TED video entitled “Living Beyond Limits.”
  • She received a grant from the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF), a non-profit organization. Through this grant, she was able to compete in several snowboarding competitions in the U.S.
  • Amy Purdy’s boyfriend is Daniel Dale.

Daniel Gale reported to, “I think my reaction, I tried to keep it a little bit mellow so as not to be overly shocked, because at that point, there was already an attraction. Then she pulled up the other pant leg, not that that swayed me either but it was just, I was just like wow, this is even more — she’s even more incredible.”

  • Amy Purdy was forced to go the hospital Monday night after she said her upper back cracked and went into spasms after performing on Dancing With the Starsurdy in 2002 at a bar in Crested Butte.

UPDATE:  ‘Dancing with the StarsAmy Purdy: ‘I Have a Rib Out Of Place’


Amy Purdy: Butterfly on a snowboard


Daniel Gale met Amy Purdy in 2002 at a bar in Crested Butte. – See more at:
Daniel Gale met Amy Purdy in 2002 at a bar in Crested Butte. – See more at:



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