V. Stiviano Sports Celebrity Trivia

V. Stiviano portrays her life as that of a glamorous jet-setting model – a stunning mixed-race ‘philanthropist’ with the world at her feet.  Stiviano, will go down in history as the woman who took down Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

  • She prefers to be called  V. Stiviano.
  • She claims to be a model and her latest aspirations are to become the President of the United States (LMAO).
  • She was raised in San Antonio Texas and lived in Section 8 housing.
  • Her mother was once convicted of using three of her kids to help her steal $113 from a supermarket.
  • Moved to California sometime before graduating school, and attended the same East LA high school as Donald Sterling and his estranged wife

Donald Sterling Trivia

  • Stayed in LA to seek fame and fortune and believes to have had plastic surgery to improve her ‘below average looks’
  • Linked to Jerry Buss, late Lakers owner, amid claims he also gave her a job
  • Changed her name in 2010, for a very disturbing reason adding: ‘I haven’t yet been fully accepted’ because of her race
  • Despite claiming she had nothing to do with the leaking of the tapes, she posted messages on Instagram three weeks before scandal erupted, bragging about ‘Skeletons in Closet’ and ‘It’s all coming out!’
  • She owns a bright red Ferrari, two top of the line Bentleys, a sporty Range Rover and a designer wardrobe to match.
  • Last month, V. Stiviano was served legal papers by Donald Sterling’s wife. Rochelle Sterling filed a lawsuit accusing V. Stiviano of having an affair with her husband and targeting wealthy older men.
  • The suit claims that Donald Sterling used the couple’s money – without Rochelle’s agreement – to buy V. Stiviano her fleet of cars, a $1.8m duplex and received about $250,000 in cash.

‘One day, I will become President’: V. Stiviano

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