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United Airlines Diverts Plane due to their third dog Mishap this Week!

Uninted diverts flight to Akron

Another careless pet incident occurred on an United Airlines flight on Thursday.

Already under scrutiny about a dog dying in an overhead bin and another dog being accidentally sent to Japan, United Airlines on Friday acknowledged its third animal-related mistake in a week.

French Bulldog Dies on United Flight Idiot Fly Attendant Should be Fired

French Bulldog dies on United Flight
United Airlines is being held totally responsible for the death of a 10-month-old French Bulldog.

See Disturbing Photo Here

A dog on board a United Airlines flight on Tuesday, March 13, died after a flight attendant ordered that the dog go in the overhead compartment. The overhead compartment is pressurized, allowing for little to no air circulation. Soureces say that this is most likely the reason for the dog’s death.

United Airlines Kills Giant Rabbit

The passenger boarded the plane in Houston with her small dog inside a TSA-compliant pet carrier in route to LaGuardia airport in New York.

The Air Berlin pilots who make risky low pass before landing Suspended!

Two Air Berlin pilots decided to “make a mark” by flying low over an airport and buzzing by the control tower, sparking an FAA investigation have been suspended.

Watch Video Here

This plane flew incredibly close to a control tower. The stunt was pulled off by two pilots during an Air Berlin flight.

Flight Attendant Conks Passenger With Wine Bottle On Delta Flight

Flight Attendant Conks Passenger on Delta Flight

Delta flight attendant smashes wine bottle over rowdy passenger’s head amid mid-flight chaos!

A Tampa Florida man reportedly attacked passengers and crew members on a Delta Airlines flight last week.

The 23-year-old man identified as Joseph Daniel Hudek IV was on a flight from Seattle to Beijing when he assaulted flight attendants and passengers.  It was then that a flight attendant conked  him over the head with two wine bottles and  zip-tied in an attempt to prevent him from opening the plane’s exit door mid-flight, according to a federal complaint.

Backlash from the United Airlines Leggings Saga Continues

United Airlines Leggings Saga

United Airlines continues to get backlash after a gate agent barred two teenage girls, who were wearing leggings, from boarding a flight Sunday morning.

A gate agent insisted that they change into a dress because she felt that their attire inappropriate.


That set off waves of anger on social media, with users criticizing what they called an intrusive, sexist policy, but the airline maintained its support for the gate agent’s decision.