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Tiger Safari Animals are Safe After Tornado

Tuttle Tiger Safari Oklahoma

It was a memorable severe weather night for the Plains — and Oklahoma in particular — as tornadoes, extreme flash flooding and the threat of loose wildlife spread like wildfire across the Sooner State and social media on Wednesday.

At around 9.45pm on Wednesday, officials at the Tiger Safari in Grady County, Oklahoma,  a facility that houses tigers, lions, black bears, grizzly bears and pythons confirmed that several of their exotic animals had escaped from their cages and were on the loose.

Park officials later told reporters that bears were the only animals to have escaped from their enclosures following the powerful storm.

Texas Cheerleader Kills Exotic Animals

Shortly before 10pm, the Grady County Sheriff’s Office confirmed all of the animals had been accounted for.

The storm was among at least 20 separate instances of tornadoes to have been spotted across the Midwest.

Blind Cats are Adorable

Blind cats Bacon and Egg prove…there is more to life than “meets the eye.”

You’d think that animals would have a much harder time living life without eyes, but as they have so frequently proved in the past, nothing really stops them.

Take Bacon and Eggs, two male cats that found their way to the Maryland SPCA when they were just six months old. Both of them had congenital eyelid defects, and in order to prevent further infections, the vet staff removed their eyes.

The shelter hoped to adopt the sweet brothers out to a good family, so they took to its Facebook page to get the word out there. Over a hundred shares later, another generous donor paid their adoption fee to make it easier for them to find their way to new parents.

And now, Bacon and Eggs are in a home together, thanks to a family who wished to remain anonymous. Their foster mom and MD SPCA staff member Alisa says that despite their lack of sight, these kittens don’t let much slow them down.

“They act just like any other extremely social six-month-olds — they love to sit on your lap and Eggs [the one with more white] loves to climb on things. They both love to hang out and listen to the TV with you on the couch,” Alisa said via the Maryland SPCA Facebook page. “They got along great with my 75 pound Husky and my own cat — Bacon loved to play with him. The just need a little more time to figure things out, but once they know where things are, they are unstoppable!”

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Baby Elephant Takes his First Trip to the Ocean

A baby elephant takes his first trip to the beach.

The video was uploaded by youtube user Nancy Belal.

The splash session took place in the ocean off a Thai island, Power 94.9 FM reported.


VIDEO:  Youtube

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Girl Reunited With Dog Which Was Stolen in Burglary

A family in San Jose, California was devastated when their home was burglarized and that the thief took more than money.

The low light thieves also took Meeko, the family’s puppy.  Marissa Mabanag, 10, was heartbroken when she discovered that their dog was also taken.  In an attempt to try and get him back…she made a plea and offered the money she had saved in her piggy bank.

A resident of Los Baños …who was identified as Blanca Del Real  a former San Jose resident who moved with her family to Los Banos in Merced County about six months ago, was walking through a Target parking lot with her two children. The kids saw a woman holding a cute puppy, who told Del Real that she had just found it wandering around. She said they could have it since the kids, 3-year-old Jasmine and 6-year-old Jonathan, were so taken with the puppy.

Del Real saw an online news report about Meeko.  “I realized, ‘Oh my, that’s this dog,” Del Real said. “I wondered how he could have gotten from San Jose all the way here.”

She called Michael Mabanag’s phone number, which was included in the story, and local animal control in Los Banos came to pick up the dog. Scanning an implanted microchip confirmed it was Meeko.

Marissa tried to honor her offer and tried to give the Del Real her piggy bank which had several hundred dollars in it.   She wouldn’t accept is and she told sources…”I was glad to get the little girl her dog back,” Del Real said. “But my little girl was crying so hard. I told her we could get her another dog.”

Thanks to She’ll a reward fund of $6,000  which was established by the San Jose Police Officers Association, the San Jose Fire Fighters Local 230 Del Real will be able to but her daughter a new puppy like she promised.

“If you are a dog and your owner suggests that you wear a sweater, suggest that he wear a tail.”

Watch their Emotional Reunion Here

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Talking Cats Video

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