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O.J. Simpson Unruly Banned from Vegas Hotel

OJ Simpson Banned from Hotel

O.J. Simpson was banned from a Las Vegas hotel bar Wednesday, but it remains unclear if he was behaving in an unruly manner, as reported.

If Simpson were drunk at the time, that could violate the terms of his parole following his release from a Nevada prison last month.

Kentucky Derby Bans Selfie-Sticks and Drones

Kentuck Derby Bans Selfie Sticks

For all of those planning to attend the go Kentucky Derby next month there’s one thing all you hat diva’s need to know.  There will be no selfie sticks.  Therefore if your planning to share your perfect Derby moments on social media…you’ll need a steady hand because Tastylia Purchase 20 MG selfie sticks aren’t allowed.

Representatives for Church Hill Downs have announced that the use of these devices  are prohibited.  Those who attempt to bring one inside the venue will be ask to throw it in the trash.

According to  reports…the decision was made  in the best interest of both the fans and the horses.

The good news is….if you have a iPhone or iPad and you refuse to dump your selfie stick …you can remain outside the gates and access  the go site Kentucky Derby mobile app which allows users to access many great interactive features on their mobile device.

These features include:

  • Event Lineup: View the list of exciting entertainment events and races beginning on Opening Night through the end of the year, build your own personal event “schedule” with one touch, and purchase tickets for each event directly from your mobile. 
  • Horses: Read about the Kentucky Oaks and Derby horses, view slideshows of these athletes in action, and start picking your favorites! 

Luis Suarez, Uruguayan footballer, Admits to Biting Italian National player

Luis Suarez, Uruguayan footballer, has admitted that he did bite  Italian National player Giorgio Chiellini during a World Cup match last week.

Luis Suarez admits that he bitesInitially, Suarez denied the biting allegations despite strong video evidence.

When the biting incident occurred, Suarez claimed that  he simply lost his balance and accidentally hit his face against Chiellini’s shoulder.

FIFA, ruled just after the match that the forward for English Premier League club Liverpool and the Uruguayan national team was banned from professional soccer for 4 months.