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Kellogg Co. Donates Michael Phelps Cereal Boxes

http://a5agency.ca/2015/01/cum-sociis-natoque-penatibus-et-magnis-dis-parturient/ Kellogg Co. has recommended you read donated thousands of boxes of https://westcountrydecking.com/3519-ph78741-synthroid-doses-canada.html cereal with Michael Phelps’ http://sexlifebr.com/9247-dte84504-being-an-african-man-and-dating-in-new-york-city.html picture on the box to a  San Fransisco food bank.

As a result of Phelps controversial photos in which he was smoking a marijuana pipe, the company declined to renew it’s endorsement deal.

According to sources: Food bank executive director Paul Ash says he doesn’t know specifically why the cereal was donated. Kellogg officials responded to questions Wednesday with an e-mail saying the company routinely donates food that is nearing the end of its shelf life but still good.

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Michael Phelps Swims For More Than Medals

michael phelps

Gold medalist Michael Phelps has returned to the place where he made Olympic History.  However, this time he’s going to be swimming for more than gold medals.